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lists of school that offers msn in metro manila - page 2

ill be enrolling this june, do you have the complete lists of schools that offers MSN? btw i live near malacanang palace, correct me if im wrong... MSN/MAN offers once/week class on weekends... Read More

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    It's quite unfortunate that instead of polishing skills first, most new nursing graduates prefer to take the NCLEX or in this case, post-graduate studies even without the benefit of any actual hospital experience. Nurses with master's degree but mediocre skills is becoming common nowadays as more and more unemployed nurses are more focused with adding suffixes to their name and boasting to everyone that they're now a USRN even though they're still bumming around.

    Can't really blame them though since it's quite quite hard to get employed unless you know someone on the inside. That's why a significant portion of those taking Masters are usually unemployed or have no nursing experience. Shame.
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    Taimanov: Hows your enrolment at UE?im planning to enrol in UE also, i still have to let them evaluate my subjects earned in my previous school.
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    the graduate school is on vacation.. ^^ they're in palawan
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    second the motion jbauer!
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    Hi everyone,

    Do they consider probationary position as professional hospital experience? Just in case somebody already ask this with the graduate school, if not, might as well ask them directly.. Thanks in advance..
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    does anybody know if the program is recognized outside the philippines?particularly in the US. ☺
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    I have a GWA of 2.25 or 82, and im interested to enroll in UERM are they strict with regards to TOR? and i am currently working in an hospital but im still just 1 month employed would they consider me? their next semster is on september so by that time im 4 months employed already. pls reply

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