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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   kreutz
    [FONT="Arial Black"]I just submitted all my requirements (red ribbon) in the agency... but i am wondering if the NBI clearance will be also needed to be in RED RIBBON and to include per se... 'coz what i heard from the other agency, the kuwait ministry is requiring a police clearance certificate (PCC) just started this year... do you have any ideas regarding this matter???? thanks...
  2. by   erwin baguio
    i olready asked that cio0ncern to mam *****and she tolod me that she will advice us if its still needed we just need to wait for their advice
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Guys can you please read this thread http://allnurses.com/philippine-nurs...ly-575227.html

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  4. by   kreutz
    erwin.. tol.. do you have any updates from mothers way??? when would possibly be our medical exam??? any idea??? thanks
  5. by   ubersupeRN
    hey guys. im also interested to work in kuwait. can you tell me where to apply? please do help me. i had 1 year hospital experience in a primary setting. help..
  6. by   phantomkid
    hello there pips..i just want to ask what are the requirements for kuwaiT? is an experience as a volunteer will be credited or strictly as a staff?..thank you godbless us all..
  7. by   kreutz
    The moh in kuwait requires 3-year hospital experience, that is in my case... They conducted an examination here in philippines last march... Then interview if ever you will pass... The agency required us to submit the basic requirements upon applying, then they will require additional if you pass the examination and interview... Some of it are in authentication (red ribbon), tor, rle, college diploma, form 137-a, high school diploma, prc certificate, prc id, prc board rating, coe, and nbi clearance (optional)...
  8. by   kreutz
    They need 3-year hospital experience as a staff nurse... The volunteer experience is not included...
  9. by   male_nurse22
    according to the staff from the agency the pre medical (HBsAg and Chest X-Ray) was required for us applicants to determine if we are fit to be issued either visa or job order.
  10. by   ubersupeRN
    3 years exp needed? thats quite long enough to go. uggh.
  11. by   vernix.caseosa
    what type of exam is this? is it a board exam type? thank you
  12. by   kreutz
    30-item test... multiple choice... all come in 5-6 sets.
  13. by   nursejv
    Greetings to all my collegue!

    I am one of the applicants for NURSE-KUWAIT under MOH. I did my medical last JULY 14, 2011 and signed the agreement of undertaking notarized by the lawyer. My agency showed my salary from 650KD turned to 705KD. after the MOH screened my qualifications. I guessed all of Us Applicants had Increased in Salary offer from 650KD to 685KD-715KD.

    Im hoping that our application will push through. Godbless us all.

    nursejv- 09491584761