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  1. by   suzanne4
    And for those of you that have come here to take pot shots at me, and spend no other time on this site other than trying to incite something:

    I would highly recommend that you take the time to do some reading on the Graduate Nurse forum, or even the state forums, in particular for both coasts and actually get a feel for what is happening here even for those that have graduated from programs here and do not have to wait for a visa. There are very few new grad programs out there and most that come over here have to go thru something of a program like this or should be since there are so many differences in everything in the way that we practice here, especially in differences in the SE Asia countries. Nursing is not as you are going to expect it to be, simple as that.

    And when new grads are unable to get work in a certain area, that should tell you something. They are always going to get hired first, especially if the hospital is familiar with them. But when they cannot get work or a foot in the door, that should be a rude awakening as to what is going on here for a start. Why in the world would a facility want to pay over $10,000 extra to bring over a foreign nurse when they do not have work for one that graduated in that locale and more than likely even did part of their training in that facility.

    Next to top if off you have the issues of the past 48 hours and with what is going on in India. That is going to directly affect all of you if you take the time to do some reading about it. It is most certainly going to tighten up things, and to top it off, several of the terrorists were there with British passports as well; that is how they think that things were able to get pulled off since no one paid any additional attention to them. Sure, it may not have anything to do with you, and never said that it did, but each and every person coming here is going to be under additional scrutiny and when you add in the bombings in Scotland in the not too distance past that were actually facilitated by physicians that made it thru all of the processing, things are just going to get much tighter here and everywhere else, that is only expected.

    But to come here just to argue with me or any of the other staff here is not the thing to be doing and is not acceptable behavior. If you do not like what we are saying, then please go someplace else. I find it quite ironic that the majority of you have come to me asking for help along the past, whether it was with licensure issues or NCLEX prep; but when you hear something that you do not like, you attack. What are you going to do if and when you get to the US? Behavior like this will not be tolerated by your manager or your co-workers. And then what are you going to do when you are terminated? Yes, this does happen, but after you have signed a lease that you are legally responsible for and if you do not meet the criteria of the facility during your trial period, they can cancel your employment with them. And with jobs being hard to get now, you are going to be stuck up a creek without a paddle. And this is not something that I am making up. Take the time to do a search on this forum about nurses that were let go from their jobs because their skill level was not what was expected and then they were blaming it on everyone else but themselves. And funny thing is that even several of them were physicians that did not cut it as nurses, but the hospital was to blame and not them or their lack of training. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen with people that were hired by facilities that I was actually at, and they never made it thru probation period but were let go or asked to resign. I am basing what I am saying on years of helping foreign nurses get to work in the US, but when things are bad here, I am going to be the first to state it.

    Sad thing about it, is that I have been right almost everytime. So your choice as to what to do, but attacking me is not going to be tolerated here at all.
  2. by   suzanne4
    And forget about the me, me, me. There is nothing written anywhere in anyplace because you decided that you wished to work in the US, that automatically they had to take you when you decided that you wished to work here. Sorry, but that is never the way that things have been or the way that they will be in the future. A government's responsibility is to its own citizens first, and when they are without work, that is going to be a number one priority. No matter the profession, the job is first going to be offered to an American, and then and only then, if they cannot fill it will it be offered to someone from outside the country.

    And what I see here on this site right now, are those of you that have decided that the US needs you now, but yet, none of your countries will permit an American nurse to go over there and work now. The UK has had a hiring freeze for sometime, France is part of the EU as well, and jobs go first to citizens from that country and then to others from the EU, and then only to others that have significant work experience in that area. The Philippines has never permitted one to get licensed there if they do not hold Philippine citizenship, even if they have gone to school there and lived there for most of their lives.

    Things have to be a two way street and that is not what is being taken into account here. only me, me, and me. And I find it truly shameful at best. If your country will not permit someone from mine to go there to work, then why must the US opens its doors to you? Sure, you do not make policy, and neither do I. But lets be realistic as to what is going on around us and not making demands on another country that they need to do something and now.

    And there have been many times when visas were on hold for nurses for the US even when they were all the H1-B and for five years plus each time that I remember. Things can change and they have. And if your PD date is three years old, that means that there were issues with either your documents or your employer, not with the US government. And that was when visas were available and readily. With the previous retrogression, nurses from the UK were applying for immigration in February and were in the US before the beginning of October. But things are different again now and do not expect to see things like that for a very long time if ever again.

    Notice that each of your posts are specific to something that you must do now, but go back and speak to your attorney and find out why things had to wait so long for you in the first place. If things were done correctly back then, you would have been in the US already and long ago.

    And do not expect things to get better with the VB next month, it is just not going to happen. Actually will probably get tighter as more get their documents in order. Remember that it is not just having a current PD date, but also a completed and up to date file or one waits all over again for the next visas to open up. That is why there are others already in the US long before you. But it is not the fault of anyone here, but rather something that had to do with issues with you or the employer or the attorney.
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It really amazes me how childish we can be when hoping for the future. It would have been nice to have a thread that didn't attack how things are currently and look at the reality on what is being posted or other members. In a few state forums I am seeing posts of new grads struggling to find work, in the general nursing we are seeing posts on members being laid off and in the world news we are seeing posts of recession hitting places where members live. It is not just what we are saying here in the International forum but what is happening with US nurses in other forums and what they are posting. At the end of the day regardless on country the country has to look after their own citizens first. I expect to see things get worse before it gets better unfortunately it may take years.