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so why is it sooo hard to get a job as a nurse in the Philippines? particularly in manila. why aren't hospitals hiring?... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    You are going to find it difficult to find work in your country, and it is going to be a couple of years for you to get to the US, and that is not guaranteed. You may wish to consider other countries first to get the experience in place.

    You are going to be up against many, many from your country that wish to work in the US, and there are less than 10,000 visas available per year for those from your country. Suspect that there are more than 10 times that number now waiting in one form or another. Just is not going to happen as quickly as some want, and for some, it is not going to happen.
    That's so true. I am almost done with almost everyone exam required for nurses wanting to go to america but am still here in the Philippines.

    To those new grads and new passers, consider passing all the exams (CGFNS, NCLEX, IELTS) before you work. Consider going to other countries to practice.

    Lawrence is right, the government just can't or won't try to afford hiring nurses for the government hospitals and health units in the rural areas. That's a sad reality here that we have to deal with.
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    Quote from 2b_usrn
    there is a shortage....in the provinces BUT NOT IN METRO MANILA! nurses wants to get a job in hospitals here in manila even those who live thousand miles from here, they rather leave their families in their hometown provinces just to work in the cities..hhaayyy... hospitals in the provinces are empty, im talking about big hospitals, general hospitals, medical centers in the provinces..no medical practitioners. indeed there is a shortage
    No shortage even in Bacolod city, province of Negros Occidental. In fact, there is an oversupply. So much that there are no job vacancies for nurses and that private hospitals here see it as a lucrative business(you pay for working as a volunteer under a 3-month contract). For government hospitals, well, unless can afford to work for free, then you shouldn't work there.

    In addition, a lot of nurses work not as a nurse but under other jobs(call center, etc.) because there are no vacancies and they'd earn, hence underemployed.

    If people just had a choice of nationality(to choose their allegiance/citizenship), I'm sure it won't be Philippines.
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    I don't believe that their is a shortage of nurses here in manila & even in the provinces.
    just imagine the numbers of nurses who passed nle(btw they are 2 nle per year).some nurses in the provinces would want to work in bigger hospitals here in mla,add those who were already residents of mla..there were piles of applications in hrd,they wouldn't even bother to look at it unless you have a relative inside who can talk to them & process your application asap!even if you didn't pass the qualifying examinations,that's fine,its who you know that matters.nurses in the provinces have 1:30 ratio (based on my aunt's experience),still hospitals won't hire,if 1 nurse can do everything why get another 1...
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    Yesterday I was grinning and beaming because I passed the nclex. I've been applying to hospitals for 2 months now still no positive response from them. I'm out of money and most of the tertiary hospitals that I know asks for training fees. Prior to shifting to nursing I am a microbiologist, and sad to say janitors are well paid than nurses here!!! I'd rather be a microbiologist again. I'm torn between going back to my old profession and earn but my nursing skills will definitely suffer. :innerconfVisa screen application is $478 x 40= thats almost 20k!!!! Plus IELTS around 9k....I'm really confused now!!!
    Nurses salary here is 4500-6000 pesos a month...that's not enough to feed me for a month.
    I tried teaching it's hard to teach if you have limited experience. You need to take MAN and that's another expense. :urgycld:
    The highs and lows of passing the nclex...:thnkg:so what do I do now?
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    that's a gloomy forecast for someone like me who wants to apply here in manila

    i really need 6 months experience since i want to apply to apply to the crne...

    ...a classmate of mine already had a headstart--she's been to 6-8 hospitals and waiting for a year now...well ah...she hasn't received a call to any of the hospitals she's applied to...

    i guess it's really that bad huh?

    oh hey, i got a question: if i train with a hospital (i know some hospitals that conduct training but you gotta pay 'em), will that be considered hospital experience? can that be considered in the crne application...

    share your thoughts...thanks :d
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    Any training programs are considered just that, training. And they do not count as work experience in any other country.

    Your country keeps wishing to train more and more nurses knowing well that there just are no jobs for them there, or in many other countries if they do not have actual work experience first.

    This is extremely unfair to many of you, but again, most of you that just went into your training a couple of years ago, did so knowing that there were few if no jobs available where you live.

    And we expect the US to require experience just like most other countries in the near future. If anything as a weeding tool since there are so many of you that wish to work in the US and not near enough visas to go around.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    And we expect the US to require experience just like most other countries in the near future.
    Whom is "We"?
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    was it illegal for the hospitals to ask training fees ranging from php3-10,000 from us??? how about volunteering to them and yet we have to pay them???
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    Quote from spongebob6286
    was it illegal for the hospitals to ask training fees ranging from php3-10,000 from us??? how about volunteering to them and yet we have to pay them???
    These are valid questions for the Labor Sec. They seem to be pre-occupied with money-making ventures such as bonds for OFW, etc... rather than doing their real job here.

    Good thing the last DOLE Sec. has already moved on to other things.
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