Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod) Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod) | allnurses

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Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

  1. 2 Hi everyone! I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will undergo before they will accept you for the training? Let me share with you the requirements needed: resume, photocopy of PRC license, board rating, board rating certificate, class ranking, GWA, TOR, diploma, and 2 pcs. 2x2 pics (white background)..

    Your replies would be greatly appreciated..

    Godbless! :wink2:
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    hello! thank you for the info. Do they accept second coursers? Do they also require some trainings in IVT, ACLS, etc?
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    Hi *EosinophiL*
    are they particular on BOARD RATINGS?? TNX
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    thank you for the information. i appreciated it.
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    Hello! *Eosinophil* thanks for sharing! I am planning to pass my application by next week. Have you contacted them already and confirmed any specific date as to when are they going to accept applications this September? I tried calling though for a couple of times yesterday and today but their HR line was always busy. Anyway, thank you so much for that info. God Bless!
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    thank you so much eosinophil for this information that's music to the ears of hundreD thousands RNemployed (unemployed) nurses in our country.

    i just want to ask where would the aspirant submit those requirements you've mentioned?

    tyvm! :wink2:
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    wow! this is indeed a good news for us unemployed nurses.. i hope this is true. can anybody confirm this? is there a fee of some sort? thanks!
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    wow! this is indeed a good news for us unemployed nurses. i hope this is true.. can anybody confirm this? is there a fee of some sort? thank you!
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    Hi everyone!

    To greenstone: As far as i know, those trainings that you have mentioned are not required, but it would be an advantage if you have undergone those..

    To Nurse_PUKYAW: I dont think they require any board rating average.. And if they would, they should indicate that in the list of requirements that they are giving..

    To Pans28: You're always welcome..

    To hamish: They didnt give any specific time as to when they will start accepting applicants.. I think it would be better to call the HR dept for the updates..

    To saint_nurse: Im sorry but i dont have any idea where to submit the applications.. I just gave mine to my backer there.. hehehe..

    May God bless us all! :angel2:
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    hi if i might ask, would you happen to know their telephone number?
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    Just a reminder not to post the phone number but send it by pm. Can you not google for contact details?
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    hi. are they still accepting applicants right now?
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    thanks *eosinophil* for your response. God Bless you for sharing this valuable information!