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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will undergo before they will... Read More

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    Just a reminder not to post the phone number but send it by pm. Can you not google for contact details?

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    hi. are they still accepting applicants right now?
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    thanks *eosinophil* for your response. God Bless you for sharing this valuable information!
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    hello! bryanbogz, I wish I could be of much help but I still couldn't send pm because I'm a newbie here. Need to have more than 15posts I guess for me to send you a private message. Neither could I post the number. You may try looking for the contact at their website. It is posted there on their directory. I tried calling a couple of times though, I just can't get into their HR line. So I might just have to go there personally and hand my applications. I'm from Cavite and I do really hope they are already accepting applications.
    Anyways, our dear friend here eosinophil just confirmed that st. luke's is really hiring. Good luck and God Bless!
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    hello... i just want to ask if SLMC QC is accepting applicants already? thanks
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    How do we get the class ranking? Is it a certificate from your nursing school?
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    Quote from piquant
    How do we get the class ranking? Is it a certificate from your nursing school?
    piquant, you could request your Class ranking with GWA or general weighted average from your school registrar.
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    Thanks hamish! :-)
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    piquant and eosinophil,

    where will you pass the resume? is it at the clinical advancement office? i went to the HR dept there this morning and the HR said they're not accepting applicants right now.. hope you could help... thanks in advance
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    Would having a high class ranking be an advantage? How about a high board rating?

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