anyone here applied for SLMC-GC??? - page 48

how was it? can you share your experiences? I heared there's a height requirement? Did they already pick applicants that are for training?... Read More

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    same thing here retthurr. got disgusted back there. but hey, it's part. what i'm gonna do now is go to another country and practice this profession

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    Ok, so I learned late that it isn't advisable to put on yur resume that you passed NCLEX. Now what? My interview is coming soon. What do you think I should say if they ask about it? I'm doomed! But even if I didn't put it on my resume. I don't think I could lie if they asked about it though. What's an honest to goodness answer I could give to earn me their trust? I really don't want to lie. I suck at it. I just want them to trust me.
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    Anyone here who has been texted for ancillary nurse position this september?

    Its like this... Actually, I applied for another position last July 2010 (not as a nurse), I passed the 1st interview then i had the next interview but unfortunately they wont allow me to work there because of my location which is very far from taguig. BUT I ALMOST GOT THE POSITION. The HR said "It was worth a try"

    A month after, i passed the boards, they texted me that they wanted to forward my papers as Ancillary Nurse post in digestive and liver institute. If ever qualified, they told me that they will be informing me for final interview

    It has been a month and i havent received any txt msg/call yet. Should i wait longer? Do you think there's still hope for the position??

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