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Hello all, I graduated in December, wrote my exam in January and was officially registered with the CNO as an RPN in early March. I've applied through the NGGI, sent out my own resumes (at least 3 a day for the past few weeks)... Read More

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    Finished feb 22 got a job willing to give me a temp march 7 I guess it's all in where your applying if your worried about money so bad go do home care or something at least it's a pay check
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    I commuted to RVH from Guelph for 6 mths doing float pool. I then used that experience to land a job in Toronto
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    Update: Finally found a job. It's temporary (6 months) full-time through the HFO. Had the interview in June. Got the job in July. Had to submit health and police checks that I recently just got back (took 11 weeks for the stupid police checks) and start soon. I'm guaranteed part-time after the HFO funding is done. The job is with the government so it's a great opportunity, I'm pleased as punch!

    Advice to graduating nurses:
    Right before you are done school (the week before exams), get a vulnerable sector police check application signed (only an employer or school can request one) and mail it off. It will take almost three months to get it back.

    You should just get your license and be looking for work when it's invaluable to have a current (within 6 months) one on hand.

    I would have been working three months ago had I done it. Don't give it to potential employers unless they actually hire you, because it's so hard to get another one. (but let them know you have a recent one)
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    Well "sitting in the rainbow", the same thing happening to me a year later. I graduated in Dec, 2013, wrote the exam in Jan, 2014; just got my license like 2 weeks ago. I have been applying for jobs since Dec and I haven't got any calls, which is very discouraging!!!
    I really thought it is going to be much easier to find a job!!!
    It's so frustrating to hear all the time that "we need more nurses" and new grad nurses can't find jobs, because nobody is willing to hire them!!!!
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    A large part of the problem is that we need more staff but with funding being cut everywhere the employers don"t have the money to hire. My employer just made cuts in staffing even though we were already understaffed.
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    Ive been registerd for about 10-11 months now, ive had 2 jobs, . IMO you cant be picky you have to take what is available to start buliding up that resume. my first job was with a placement agency, worst job ever but you gotta do what you gotta do. no wim working in a beautiful hospital and all is well. just be persistant, and dont give up. you cant rush fate your time will come just keep handing out thoes resumes.
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    There is no RPN jobs in Toronto at all. Sent over 150 applications for over few months, no even one interview. New nursing students be aware and don't believe college's lies about nursing perspective (people with connections not included).
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    The GTA has been extremely competitive and jobs virtually non-existent since 2008 due to all the cutbacks. It's not going to improve either.

    If you've applied to that many positions, it's time to consider commuting or relocating. Have someone review your resumes and cover letters as well because these need to be tailored for each area you're applying to.