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Hello everyone, I have applied to UBC nursing for the 2008/2009 school year. I am really nervous about getting in because last year I did not. If there are any people who have graduated from the program or who have... Read More

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    thank you! I did write it in essay form....my friends are looking at them now and hoping to get honest feedbacks from them.

    I appreciate you replying back.

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    Can anybody tell me what kinds of questions they asked in the interviews? Did you end up getting the books that you all needed from the UBC bookstore?
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    At the interview, you sign a confidentiality form stating that you will not divulge the interview questions to other candidates (thus ensuring fairness), so I can't tell you what they ask. I can tell you that the questions are scenario questions, and the interviewers are judging your clinical aptitude.

    As for books, yes they're all at the bookstore.
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    Hi aintreallynotreally,

    just curious, have you applied to UBC already? I am waiting to see if I get called for an interview.

    by the way Tranquility, thanks for all the advise you have posted. I do not know anyone else applying to UBC this year and I found your previous posts so helpful.
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    Thanks for the response Tranquility! Sorry, I didn't know that you had to sign a form lol. By the way, how did you find first year? What's the set up like? are all 90 of you in the same lecture hall and all in the same classes?

    Hi 39bcgirl, yeah I did apply for the 2010 intake! I'm also waiting for a response haha although I bet we won't be notified for a good month and a half since it's only february. I've been checking my email a lot and ssc. is that how were being notified for the interview?
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    One other thing, I don't know if you can answer this or not Tranquility but are the questions common knowledge clinical things because I personally don't know much about it or are they more like ethical questions?

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