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Just wondering if anyone else employed by AHS is noticing the poor morale lately? Every single shift I head in for lately has been miserable. Staff are all miserable from constantly working short. We run out butts off and miss... Read More

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    I remember doing a survey.

    The one I got had quite a few questions on daycare on it. Would I use on site childcare, uhm, my children are adults. There was no "not applicable" box to mark.

    At my age, I don't want to work full time. Not even to boost up my miniscule pension. I'd be happy to be a .6 or.7 but no more. The patients are so needy and dare I say it whiny. I no longer work on a unit where it's life or death, it's all elective. Factor in the over involved adult children and the ego tripping specialists and there are days it's a living hell, despite many other units thinking my unit is shangrila.

    The survey didn't even have a give us your opinion area.
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    Same here. I'm working full time at the moment, and not by choice. The last 7 months we have been so short, since we are already a skeleton crew and people resigned.

    Technically, I'm a .84, but it ends up much more than that. I'm looking to move and work a .75 maximum, then pick up one or two shifts here and there. Full time is not worth it, and you end up paying more taxes.
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