salary of anesthesiologist assistant

  1. what is the salary ranges of AAs in Canada?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We don't use AAs here.
  4. by   jessicanursing101
    I do not believe that is true there are AA programs at colleges in Ontario. The programs are about 5 months long or less.

    I am just never able to find salary or demand information online.
  5. by   dnurs
    i think uoft has a this program say it on their website if i'm not mistaken...anesthesia care diploma (nurse practitioner field)

    1) master of nursing (nurse practitioner field) concurrent diploma in anesthesia care
    2) post-master of nursing (nurse practitioner field) diploma in anesthesia care

    states career opportunites are:

    [color=#ffffff]np anesthesia care
    * nurse practitioner roles that incorporate care of patients and families throughout the perioperative process
    * work on or lead an acute pain team with anesthesia colleagues
    * work in diagnostic areas where patients require sedation/anesthesia with airway management
    * there may be an intra-operative component to the role (but the np-a will not be the sole provider of anesthesia. this is not a certified nruse anesthetiste role as in the usa.)

    not sure if this help
  6. by   ajaxgirl
    Quote from jessicanursing101
    what is the salary ranges of AAs in Canada?
    They are used in Ontario, not frequently though. You must be a RN or Respiratory therapist, then you do extra training. Its done through Michener. St Joseph's in Hamilton uses them.
  7. by   ajaxgirl
    Anesthesia Assistant
    Here is the link.
    Many people mistakenly think we don't use them. Infact, until the last yr, I had never heard of them.
  8. by   MRioux
    I work at a large teaching hospital in Toronto and we use AAs. We have 6 on staff, some are RTs who have done the AA course and some are RNs. I have no idea what the salary range is but they are a wonderful addition to our team.

  9. by   dishes
    The public sector salary disclosure list shows the salaries of three anesthesia assistants were between $104,000-$112,000
    The majority of Ontario's anesthesia assistants are not on the list, so the average salary must be under $100,000
    The average RN salary tops out around $80,000, since an anesthesia assistant has more responsibility they will make more than a RN, my guess is that they make between $80,000-95,000

  10. by   galc10
    Does anyone know of any registered nurses who have been through the anaesthesia assistant program?
  11. by   janes_jd

    I went through the Michener Basic Anesthesia Asst basic program and completely hated it. It was geared towards RT's. I am an RN in an ICU so I am familiar with alot of ventilation and what not but I felt that I was behind the 8-ball the whole time. I received my basic but they didn't really teach. It was self taught with group projects thrown in. Anyways, got the basic but then the problem was that they took in 20 students for the basic program from funding from the gvmt and then for the advanced program, they could only take in12-15 students. By the time I finished my program and with the previous courses and stuff, there was now a 2-yr wait to get into the advanced program. You still had to apply even though they should just automatically accept you since you passed their basic program. I said screw it and applied to Fanshawe cause their program had just gotten up and running and was accepted there. They were also very helpful and hands on. I would never recommend The Michener to another nurse as I thought it did not help me at all. I turned down Fanshawe after I got accepted and decided to do travel nursing in the states. Just got back after 2 years and might reapply to Fanshawe....
  12. by   jt1o
    Hello! The Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society lists some schools for AAs at the end of this web page:
  13. by   ruralgirl08
    They use them where I work, but they only appear to want RTs from the postings.