RN in VON- Victorian Order of Nurses .

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    i am an internationally educated registered nurse .in april 2012 i got my licence .i live in toronto and just got job offer of visiting nurse in von- victorian order of nurses .does anybody have an experience working with this company? thanks in advance.

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    The VON has been an institution in Canada for 115 years and has an excellent reputation. Its president and CEO is Dr. Judith Shamian, RN - who has also just competed her two-year position of president of the Canadian Nurses' Association. There aren't any more respected nursing agencies in the country than the VON.
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    I think it depends on the VON office involved. Yes, they are a well-established institution and well thought of in most places. I did some work for them here during flu vaccine season one year and have never worked in such an unorganized, chaotic environment. At least once a week I was sent to the wrong address, or go to the address to have someone say "We called and cancelled that request weeks ago". Sometimes I would get there only to find another urse already there. Phone calls were never returned. It was some of the most stressful months of my life. But having said all that, I will hope and pray for your sake that the Toronto office is much better managed than the one here is. (Mind you, the one here went through some major management changes after I left so things could be better her by now.....)

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