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Ontario RPNs and Unions - page 2

Is anyone else frustrated with the way unions are handling RPNs? The pay difference between the RPN and RN has greatly increased (It used to be $5.00) The RPN's scope of practice has increased... Read More

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    Quote from loriangel14
    I hear ya!! I think that it is disgraceful that they increased the education requirements for an RPN but neglected to give RPNs a raise. But what can we do?
    They increased the education level to BScN in Ontario and no raise for that either. That's life.
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    I think that is the way of the future.. I see many places hiring RPNs instead of RNs because its cheaper and can perform the same job. I have both an RN and RPN license and Im gonna hang on to my RPN license like its gold, because I think more and more in the future the RPN jobs will be more stable. I even see RNs getting laid off in some settings.