Nursig student in calgary wanting to go to the OR after graduation

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a a third year nursing student with MRU and ill be done my degree in December! Im an UNE on a general med floor so im gaining invaluable floor experience and i went to PLC to observe a surgery in the OR and i absolutely loved it. I don't think floor nursing suits who I am like the OR does! Does anyone know the best route to get into the OR after graduation? Should I just apply for the periop course offered by grant macewan? Any advice would be helpful!
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    Friend of mine did her final in the OR and applied for a casual position when she got her RN license. (grad nurses need not apply).

    A good start would be to do what you can to have your final in the OR this Fall.

    Good luck!
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    Make a request to have OR as your final placement for your undergrad. If not, do a periop course and when you start picking placements do a quick job search on who's hiring and pick those who are.
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    I had a 4th year placement full time in an OR, which I loved. If you think you want to work in the OR straight away, request a placement. Observing a procedure is not enough to set your mind on the OR, IMO. You'll need to experience the workload and the politics before you will know for sure.
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    I'm definitely going to request the OR for my final placement! The only problem is that getting the spot depends on GPA and how many other people request it as well. There are about 2-4 spots open so I'm crossing my fingers that hardly anyone else will want to go there! Which is why i asked what would be the best route to get into the OR after graduation (should I not get the OR as my final placement).

    Thank you so much for the replies! When i make my request for placement, what are some of the key points I should make to 'sell myself' saying that I'm a good candidate for the OR?
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    Aside from a high GPA, an interview was required for OR/ ER/ ICU at my school. The Doctors and nurses in the OR work fast and talk fast (generally speaking). You need to show good organization and initiative right away in an OR, or they will toss you out. Not to sound harsh, but that's the reality. There's no time for hand holding. You need to be able to learn quickly, adapt to a busy environment, listen, and follow orders. However, you also need to be somewhat assertive and stand your ground if needed, but that comes after you've been there awhile. If you're overly nervous, the OR is not for you. If you don't handle strong personalities well, OR is not for you. And if you dislike routine, OR is not for you. Just telling you asked Good luck!
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    Quote from coco0106
    Does anyone know the best route to get into the OR after graduation? Should I just apply for the periop course offered by grant macewan? Any advice would be helpful!
    Best route to get into the OR, if not through your final focus, is to look for postings for positions in the OR where they are willing to train you. I'm not too sure if there will be any in a year when you are done school since for the past couple of years they have been training a ton of students in anticipation of the new hospital opening. This is better than going through Grant McEwan since you would be getting paid and you wouldn't have to pay any course fees.
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    AHS runs a programme where RNs and LPNs are sponsored for the GMU course. Fees and wages paid to employee. You have to watch the postings web site.
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