International nurse looking for a job in Ontario

  1. Hi everyoneWanted to know which are the good recruitment agencies in Ontario that I can apply t o for a job.Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   loriangel14
    With thousands of nurses looking for jobs there are no agencies recruiting for nurses.

    Are you in Ontario and do you have a license and visa?
  4. by   Daisy_08
    Ontario is not currently recruiting from other countries. There are many Canadian nurses to pick first.

    If you want to be an Ontario nurse you must apply with the College of Nurse of Ontario. They will assess your education and English and determine if you can write the CRNE (for RNs) or CRPNE (for RPNs) or if you need more education. Plus I`m sure a million hoops you must jump through.

    Best of luck
  5. by   JessicaG-O
    I would suggest you just try looking at the employment sections for each of the hospitals. That would be the best bet, although competition is tough right now in Ontario and Canada overall. Good luck
  6. by   priskilla philip
    I am an INEnurse(3yrs diploma) working as RN in Middleeast with 16 yrs experience.
    Migrating to Ontario in march. Applied for licence, In which category I am eligible for applying? If i will apply for RPN, & later if I want to apply for RN , whether they will ask for the verification and all the proceedures all over again?

    Please answer and help me....
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes you will need to supply everything again especially if you have to apply to different colleges. With time scale probably better to apply to College of RN (CNO) and be prepared for a long wait. Also start now
  8. by   verypatient
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get an application package from the CNO in ontario? I did request for an application package but apparently they have a new one coming out by the begining of Feb 2013. I am a US educated and trained nurse with BSN and MSN( Family Practice).
  9. by   madison208
    Ontario has many government funded career bridging programs including employment services. In Toronto, you can try the "Chinese professionals Association of Canada". Just google them and search for their career programs. They have a free-of-charge program for international trained nurses including employment services. Hope this helps.