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  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There's more bad news...

    Two busy hospitals to close ORs: NDP

    Health critic says surgery waits to grow longer
    By Ian Austin, The Province

    Four operating rooms are being shut in Surrey and Port Moody, says the New Democratic Party.
    NDP Health Critic Adrian Dix said staff have been told that two of the nine operating rooms at Surrey Memorial Hospital are being shut, along with two of the six operating rooms at Eagle Ridge Hospital.

    This is happening in Fraser Health Authority in BC. So the cuts are deepening. Job losses are going to follow.
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    Slightly off topic but I'm saying it anyway.........why on earth is it that as soon as governments get into trouble (which is nearly always their own stupid fault) they ALWAYS pick on what most normal (ie non politicians) people tihnk of as the most important things for a civilised society to provide. Namely, health care & education??

    Why don't they clean up their own acts first? For example would it matter if we had less of the idiots - expand the boundaries, cut the number of tax eating Alderman & MLA's - they're pretty much all equally stupid so let's have less of them in the 1st place?

    Totally cut down on what they can claim expenses for -unless it's a direct office expense such as paper/printing fluids etc then they have to pay out their own pocket - no-one buys me my scrubs, or pays the cleaning bill yet it's as much a part of my job as theirs!!

    They could stop building stupid & expensive pedestrian bridges that no-one wants while they're at it too! They should also cap ALL top civil servant bonuses to zero right now - until the deficit is over & they should take a pay freeze too! They're already overpaid for what they do anyhow.

    It's not the answer to everything but if we saw them losing their jobs & cutting down on their waste we might be inclined to think they're for real!

    This applies the world over - not just Canada by any means!

    Ahhhh.....I enjoyed that little rant
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  4. by   Fiona59
    Somebody buy that nurse a coffee AND a muffin to enjoy on one of their "plentiful breaks (tm. S. Duckitt). Sarcasm intended.
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    In following this thread, I was wondering what the employment prospects are for international educated Nurse Practitioners - if it's going to be just as challenging for non-Canadian Nurse Practitioners to get employment offers as it is for Registered Nurses. Been contemplating making a move to Canada, but it would be a few years down the road as I'm just graduating from nursing school in the US and want to get some experience (and hopefully my nurse practitioner credentials) under my belt before making a move somewhere.
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    There's no way to predict what could happen two or three years down the road, since none of us ever dreamed that things would have taken this sort of turn in this short a time frame. Some health systems are talking about increasing the number of nurse practitioners, but who knows if it will ever come to pass. We're all playing a waiting game.
  7. by   picugal75
    Jan has anything changed recently with this?
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Not really. From what I'm hearing hiring has slowed down to a trickle in the Maritimes, Ontario's new grads are worried about their prospects, Manitoba is still hiring but on a much smaller scale than in the recent past, Saskatchewan has almost filled its quota, Alberta is still on lock-down and BC is not hiring IENs on any large scale.

    I have a friend who is currently out-of-scope who has been trying to find an in-scope position back at the bedside and despite her many years of experience (she's worked in pretty much every area from peds to ER to CVICU to endoscopy and back again) she isn't even getting an interview. It's almost like we're all pawns in some cosmic chess game.
  9. by   picugal75
    Well that basically tells me that there's no point in even starting the process. I'll check back in a few months and see if anything has changed. Thanks Jan.
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    Patient care compromised as nurses cut by hospitals trying to balance books: NDP Keith Leslie, THE CANADIAN PRESS Apr 26, 2010 19:36:22 PM

    TORONTO - Ontario patients will get poorer health care in the wake of 2,000 registered nurses being laid off in the past year as hospitals struggle to balance budgets, the New Democrats said Monday.
    "Nurses are being thanked with pink slips in this province," NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told the legislature.
    "Patients and their families are seeing their local cancer screening programs disappear; they're seeing less support for the elderly, less support for people with mental health issues.
    "How can the minister still claim that these cuts aren't impacting front-line care with statistics like that?"

    Patient care compromised as nurses cut by hospitals trying to balance books: NDP - 680News (hat-tip to 2bNurse-88)

    Please read the whole article for a current view of the situation in Ontario.
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I was just replying to another thread and came across this from the BC Nurses' Union:

    Healthcare cuts - What we know
    Fraser Health Authority
    * Cuts to seniors day care programs, after hours mental health services, domestic
    violence counseling, residential care beds
    * Converting more than 200 acute care beds into Patient Assessment and Transition
    to Home (PATH) units with residential care staffing - displacing almost 100
    * Closing two of six ORs at Eagle Ridge Hospital every other week and one of the
    six ORs on the other week - displacing 10 members
    * Closing two of ten ORs at Surrey Memorial Hospital - displacing three members
    * More ORs slated to close in February when special funding runs out
    * Ambulatory care - budgets being reduced about $500,000 mostly by reducing
    services for the usual two weeks over Christmas and for five weeks over the
    Olympics and into spring break 2010. Where vacation relief dollars were not
    available or did not provide enough savings, some sites have had to look at
    "alternate models of service reduction" - no displacements anticipated, but staff
    encouraged to use vacation, LOA or banked time and may be redeployed where
    unable or unwilling to do that.
    * Replacing 17 Public Health Nurse positions with 17 LPNs to do immunizations -
    no member displacements. Eliminating Health Unit aides by 5.5 FTEs
    * Maplewood - displaced 3 RNs
    * Fraser Hope Lodge - 3 empty RNs lines deleted
    * Fraser Valley After Hours Mental Health Response Team cut - 1 BCNU, 2 HSA
    members displaced
    * Mission Memorial Hospital ER - must cut $390,000 either by closing 9 hours
    overnight, conversion to urgent care, or cut core services
    * Newton Regency and Bear Creek Lodge - closing with withdrawal of funding for
    residential care beds
    * Restricting access to allied health professionals in hospitals
    * Eliminating non-denominational spiritual care coordinators
    * Abbotsford Regional Hospital - closing 6-bed regional adolescent psychiatry unit
    * Chilliwack General Hospital - closing 10-bed addictions withdrawal management
    unit, replaced with home detox
    * Queens Park Care Centre - closing 8-bed hospice and 25-bed convalescent care
    * Peace Arch Hospital - closing 42 residential care beds at Weatherby Pavillion
    * Out-patient ambulatory care clinics - temporary closures until March 31/10
    * Matrix Youth Addictions Program in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows - closing

    for the rest of the information:

    In Comox the health region closed 18 beds PERMANENTLY in May.

    St. Joseph's Health Coalition

    A helpful member posted a news item from Prince Edward Island regarding short-term closures of an urgent care centre due to nurse shortages and suggested that new grads looking for work think about going there. But having a staffing problem and hiring new staff to help with that are not the same thing. There are only 6 permanent nursing positions (RN and LPN) posted in PEI as of today, and only one of those is full time. The remainder of the postings are for temporary and casual positions, and most of them are part time with less than 60% FTE.

    Another member posted that he'd been let go from a 14+ year job in Ontario and has been out of work for a couple of months already.

    Alberta's RNs are in negotations with the province and the parties have been offered a mediated settlement that will be voted on by UNA June 30, 2010. A letter of understanding stating that the province will agree to hire a minimum of 70% of new LOCAL grads in each of the subsequent three years or explain why they haven't is included in the mediator's package. As of the moment, the employer has not yet signed off on any of it and there are 66 positions currently open to external (non-AHS) applicants. The problem with that is that 34 of them are casual and only 19 are permanent - while 13 of those are full time, they are all in either small, remote communities or they're for specialty areas. Considering that Alberta nursing schools graduated about 700 students so far this year, that's not a good ratio.
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Just want to add on about Prince Edward Island, although it is a lovely Island it costs approx $43 to leave the Island when in a car and you will need a car to get around. It is approx 30 mins from Nova Scotia and 20 mins from New Brunswick. Winters can be cold and remote and if very strong winds the ferry and bridge closes so you can't get off or on the Island and this will happen a couple times a year