do i need to go back to school before reinstatement?

  1. hi,, im glad to be a a member of this site,, im currently a registered RPN in ontario since september 2011 but i have not practised yet,, i was wondering if anyone here got their license revoked for not using it for 3 years? ive been applying to numerous job openings but nobody called me yet,, im kinda worried i might not land an RPN job before my license reaches 3 years,, im even looking for a volunteer but it seems they dont really accept RPN volunteers here in ontario,, and if ever my license got revoked ,, do i need to go back to school before i apply for reinstatement? thank you so much for the help!!
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  3. by   joanna73
    You're going to need to take a refresher course very soon. Once you've hit 3 full years with no hours, the CNO will have you register in the non-practising class.

    I realize it's terrible for jobs, but unless you have a valid reason for not securing some form of employment, employers are going to ask why you didn't relocate or commute. The longer you're unemployed, the worse it looks. Travelling, a family issue, or studying would be valid.

    I would consider relocating soon. Rural communities and small towns are in need of nurses all the time.
  4. by   jrcbtst
    do i need to move in another province? where is the best location that i have chance to get job? any suggestions? i live in downtown toronto right now... im planning to apply in places like barrie, oshawa, or even niagara... much thanks for the reply!!!
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It's not likely that moving to another province will help you find work. Any way you look at it, you're an unknown quantity. You have no experience and you've been out of school 3 years already. And the places you've named are all urban centres where the competition for any job will be intense... You might want to look at places like Owen Sound, Parry Sound, Wiarton, Bracebridge, St Thomas, Bobcaygeon and other smaller towns.
  6. by   jrcbtst
    wow... it seems im in a very tough situation... i was wondering if could have a slight advantage getting a community RPN job even just part time because i hear some people tell me im driving and some patients prefer male RPNs and considering majority of RNs and RPNs are women.. any thoughts? :s
  7. by   joanna73
    Yes think Northern Ontario. You're still thinking too urban. Based on the length of time you've been looking, you're not an attractive candidate as far as an employer would be concerned. You need to find a small hospital or clinic that is desperate to hire. There are many in the North.

    Just wondering what you've been doing for 2.5 years? Long term care facilities are always looking. I'm from central Toronto as well and I know the market is rough there, but you need to be more proactive with your job search. There are always jobs, they just may not be ideal.
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  8. by   loriangel14
    Have you tried LTC? Right in Toronto isn't a good place to look for a job.Try some place much smaller.
  9. by   Trishrpn80
    Quote from joanna73
    You need to find a small hospital or clinic that is desperate to hire. There are many in the North.
    It still isn't easy to get in. In Timmins you basically need to be related or know someone. Where i live we are short staffed but you need to learn to deal with isolation and the fact that the closest walmart or shopping mall is over 500km's away. Some people can't deal with isolation and pay that is at par with down south so we have a high turnover.
  10. by   jrcbtst
    how about signing up with placement agencies? im really not expecting for full time RPN job anytime soon considering my situation i know i really dont have an advantage compared to many RPNs out there... my first priority is practicing my profession so my license will not be revoked... i even look for volunteer RPN job but it seems somebody needs to reassure me that RPNs are not really allowed to practice fully as volunteers
  11. by   joanna73
    I realize that but there are varying degrees of Northern living. I'm not talking as remote as where you are Trish. Across Canada, many of the smaller towns and cities are looking because most people still don't want to move. They'd all rather be central and urban.
  12. by   Trishrpn80

    Oh come on if you look at a map of Canada where i am is not really high up.. I think we are at level with saskatoon.. Actually i would comsider this remote nursing not northern but thats only because of what i have learned over the past 28 months.

    If you want hospital it could be difficult. In small towns like where i used to live and where i want to move back to it is hard to get in the front door because they don't hire a ton of nurses due to low population and you either need to know someone or wait for someone to retire. I knew a girl who spent 10 yrs as casual at the local hsppital before she got FT. That hospital was smaller than the one i currently work at. Small towns have home care and LTC. LTC isn't whst it used to be. Most residents in LTC are now higher acquity and a new grad can learn alot. A lot of people dismiss LTC but i learned a ton about time management, managing difficult pt's and family, working independently, supervising psw's etc.

    I apologize for any typos my morphine is kicking in and my fingers are fat on my phone
  13. by   joanna73
    Ok I'm just saying there are a range of options I work LTC in a rural community so I know all about that. You're it.

    My point is, people need to think outside the box and take some risks. You can always go home, but sitting around waiting in the city is probably a waste of energy.
  14. by   Trishrpn80
    Quote from joanna73
    My point is, people need to think outside the box and take some risks. You can always go home, but sitting around waiting in the city is probably a waste of energy.
    I totally agree!!! I don't get why people who can relocate don't do it. You can live anywhere for a year and you will have money in your account and experience under your belt.

    I find living in the city loud and exhausting. People are rude and everyone wants to be the first one in line. Heck at this point going to Timmins is exhausting for me.

    There are benefits to working rural. I just $4000 in loan forgiveness from the government.