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Anybody who will be taking the CRNE on October 5, 2011, please post your comments and suggestions here like making a study group, sharing notes, meeting at the library or anything that will help the examinees pass the... Read More

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    sorry!bad habit

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    Quote from Lols ireland
    aah!! not what i wanted 2 hear!!have a lot riding on passing the exam in Feb 2012, visa, emmigrating etc so lotta pressure!!! were the Qs anythin like wots on de CRNE prep?!
    Maybe you should review the earlier thread for tips or wait for CRNE Feb 2012. This is CRNE Oct 5 2011 and we just did the exams today. We are having all different sorts of emotions as of this time so please.....
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    I am sitting the February 2012 exam, and am just wondering naturally, what sort of questions were asked in the most recent exam. I am not asking for replies today!!
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    Asking what sort of questions asked is not really something we encourage as you do sign a confidential agreement on the day you sit the exam. Content will change from exam to exam as do the exam test books as the person at the side of you will have a different test book to yourself.

    Better to read the many many threads discussing the CRNE and read what people have posted previously
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    Review your prep guides for indications on the types of questions asked. Writers are not permitted to discuss the types of questions specific to an exam. Doing so provides an unfair advantage.
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    was not aware of this,thanks
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    Hello everyone who wrote yesterday!
    I just wanted input about how people felt about the exam. Harder, easier, or different than expected?? Personally, I felt that there were some questions in which I had no clue what the answer was. Good luck everyone! I cannot wait to get those results back.
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    Yes totally clueless about it..
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    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading the CRNE prep guide and I came across a question which contradicts what I have read in a med surg book. Since all of you have studied hard, and have most probably encountered this question during the review yourselves, could you please tell me if something is wrong with the rationale or if the med surg book I read (american) is the one which is wrong. Here goes:

    The patient has consolidated pneumonia on the left lobe and the question was how to best position the patient. I answered left side and fowler's but the answer was RIGHT side fowler's, with the rationale that pulmonary ventilation and perfusion will be best with the unaffected side DOWN.

    I thought the patient should be lying on the affected side to give the normal lung better chance of expansion?

    Please, anyone. I have become confused. I don't know now if I should answer differently in a Canadian exam. Your inputs would be highly appreciated.
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    Fluid from the affected lung is not going to drain, nor can the lung expand if you place the pt on that side. Ideally, you would place them on the unaffected side. I'm pretty sure that is in your nursing skills book somewhere.

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