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I've been trying to do some research about joining the CF but it's getting confusing. I was hoping someone here has been through the experience :S So basically what I know is that when you enlist you have to go through some... Read More

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    Fiona's got it, families stay at home while the members go to train. Is this hard on everyone involved? Yes...very much so, especially when training is 6 months or more. There are financial add ons offered to these members to help make things easier but they are currently under review and will probably change early next year.
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    Being an army brat admittedly the UK rather than Canada I have to agree and say that the family look after the kids whilst the parent does what is required for their job. I remember when I was 5ish my mother was taken ill and had to be hospitalised. My Father was in transit and the Army couldn't find him to get him back to the UK as he was somewhere in Germany and my sisters and myself had to find relatives to take us until things was settled and sorted
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    Before i became pregnant with my daughter i was looking at joining the US army (i lived in Arizona at the time)... now i am just too fat lol

    thanks for the info.. i will let her know tomorrow.. we sorta figured that is how it went...
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    Long ago I was a member of the Canadian Forces and then a US Air Force wife.

    I'm sure things are better now than they were um...very long ago.

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