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    Quote from nursingprogram1
    Hi everyone,
    Some what good news! I just received the letter via e-mail stating that I am top of the holding list for the august 2011 in-take. If I chose not to be on the holding list or do not get in, then I am deferred into January 2012's in-take!!! ( I have a seat for sure!)
    Does ANYONE know what the chances of "top hold-list" getting into the August intake mean? In addition, I was also invited to attend the orientation on May 12. I'm excited! I guess I will have my phone with me at all times during my trip to Mexico!!!! P.S Do they normally call you weeks before the nursing program if someone drops out of the nursing seat?
    Hi nursingprogram1, I have a feeling that they'll call you after May 4th because that's the deadline to pay the committment fee for reserving seats.

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    So I'm put on the holding list and if I don't get in for Aug then I have to apply for the Jan intake
    I'm not sure how to even strengthen my application!! I thought I had a pretty solid application.. i just finished my undergrad degree and have volunteered at Burnaby Hospital, Childrens and Canadian Blood Services.
    Can anyone give me any tips if I apply for the Jan intake ?
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    srama - i would recommend taking some of the elective courses (critical reading and writing, ethics, etc.). You do have a pretty solid application, so it probably came down to someone else having one more elective than you.

    nursingprogram1 - they can call you anytime between now and the first week or two of school, whenever a spot becomes available. sometimes people accept but then change their minds over the summer, etc.
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    Congrats on being put on the waitllist Nursingprogram1! It must be such a relief to know that you're in at BCIT for sure!

    srama, I'm sorry you didn't get in this year. Don't give up though! I didn't get in last year, but I actually started to take more elective courses, and I believe that might be why I got in. Your application doesn't seem too different from mine, so you probably will get in for next year if you do them!

    Hamid and hoolalaa, I really hope you find out some good news soon! On the bright side, there's only one day left!
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    Canucks- Thank you ! I am extremely excited, and I do hope they will contact me before August!

    Srmra-I also suggest that you take the Liberal courses and 2 psych courses they offer there. That is what they mainly look for (as I have done).

    Hamid:To be honest, BCIT do not care about your GPA score because although i had straight A's in my care aide program, and B+ in (BIO, ENG, CHEM, MATH), my Libs & Psychs were only B-; I only had about a GPA of 70%. Alot of people think that GPA (high) factors mainly on acceptance, but really, it isnt. They are mainly looking to see if your really dedicated into the nursing career and that your not in it just for the money. So they factor in alot of other things such as: libs/electives etc, volunteer, work experience etc. etc. A few of my friends are in the nursing program and said that all you need are a passing grade, however if you want to receieve free money, you need to maintain a certain GPA. I hope that helps! But if Im wrong, please let me know guys!
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    Thanks a lot nursingprogram1. That really helps . I currently have an interview wit MSJ hospital so will hopefully be volunteering for quite a bit before applying. What do u mean by employment though? And I have taken sociology. Paychology. Family studies so far
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    Hamid: what I mean employment is that they also take into consideration your work. Say if you work @ a hospital or clinic, etc, that will factor in and possibly be a plus for your application, however, it isn't significant. You need more than 30post-secondary credit- I heard that they are accepting about min 60post secondary credits now- but do not quote me (I hear it is becuz there is a high number of applicants, that they have raised up the credits) what is significant is that you do take the 2 psych courses and 2 liberals (Libs 7001, Libs 7002) as they are required. Then there is also the other 2 liberals of ur choice, health management course and I believe English 1177 (not too sure with this, but I took it ) You want to do as much of these Libs as you can BEFORE u apply, just so that they know ur dedicated and plus it'll be a bonus when ur actually accepted, so that ur school work is a lot lesser during the summer - when students actually take these libs courses.
    I did 6 of the 8 liberals, and I have a certificate of care aide, and a total of 54 credits. I never volunteered because I had a lot of experience in the hospital setting during my practicum. I also have a child, and I am 23 years old. I think because I have always been around health care, was the reason why I got accepted in January- tophold list for August. So just make sure to do most of ur Libs to boost up ur credits, and volunteer plenty! I'm sure you will have a better chance next time u apply! Good luck, and I hope that helps!
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    Wow thanks a lot. That's so much help. I am currently in UBC doing my bachelors and wanna apply after that. So do I have to waste another semester taking lib courses so I get accepted?
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    Hamid: you should make sure that the libs transfer over. I know a lot of people who had degrees and bachelors in sciences, bio, etc, that did not transfer over and they had to take the ones bcit wanted. Its sort of a pain like that! But a lot of the libs do not transfer over, I think only 7001. Psych, english 1177 do, however just make sure u check otherwise on the transfer course on the bcit website .
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    Oh wow really hmm thanks a lot for the heads up...
    Do u think it's better to finish my degree then apply or is it ok if I only have 3.5/4 of my degree done ? Wut if by next deadline I don't have degree finished. I might have few more courses to take

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