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Making a new thread for people interested about BCIT nursing Ask questions and what not I applied for Aug 2010 I graduated high school 2009 Re-taking bio 12 math 76 Eng 68 Chem 72 Any one currently taking BCIT... Read More

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    Thanks for the fast reply jasn! In fact, I just checked and I have received all the information I need. I could finally focus on my exams and graduation instead of checking my status every other hour lol! It feels good to know that I've made it as I've been trying to get into nursing in the last 3 years!!!

    srama, maybe they send out acceptance letters in batches. :: crossing my fingers for you :: x)

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    Congratulations green_tea! that is amazing news. I too am in the same boat as Srama and am waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully we get good news soon
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    Hi everyone!

    I just found this thread a couple days ago, but I had activation problems so I couldn't reply to this message as soon as I wanted to.

    I actually applied for this intake at BCIT too, and I found out on the same day as green_tea that I had been accepted (Btw, congrats green_tea!!!!)
    I'm so excited to start in August! It feels like such a relief that I got in, since I didnt make the cut last year.

    But anyways, I hope you guys find out soon! I know it's so hard to wait that long... And don't worry if you dont hear anything from BCIT until the 30th. I know that last year they were still accepting until that last date.
    Good luck!
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    Hi everyone,
    I am so nervous, I got shortlisted for the August 2011 intake. I still am waiting for a letter/message from them. Ive heard that some people already receivced their acceptance letters already. Does this mean that the ones who wait the longest, will be sent a letter that they did not make it in? Has anyone else got a non-acceptance letter/message yet? *Fingers Crossed*
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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the people who got accepted could give some info regarding their gpa and level of education. Or volunteer experiences. So everyone who is looking into the program
    Could have a reference. As we all know bcit doesn't say any competitive marks etc
    I would really appreciate. I am currently in my third year of bsn in UBC.

    Thanks a lot
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    Hey nursingprogram1, I'm actually not sure if that means you won't get in. I read in some old forums that people were gettting accepted right on the deadline, so don't give up hope!!

    Hamid, I actually had a decent gpa. I recieved an associate of science degree in december, and during my last semester I had about 2 A-'s, and 3 B+'s. That was actually the best I had done, since before that I had never even received an A, let alone so many high B's.
    As for work experience, I've been working in an optometrical setting for about a year now. I also volunteered quite a bit (From last June to last December) at a seniors centre. As well as that, I volunteered for six months last year at a hospital.

    Hope that helps! And good luck to everyone who still has to hear back!
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    I still haven't heard from BCIT yet either if that makes you feel any better.

    Me too have a funny feeling as to why they would make us wait this long to hear if we actually make it.

    I'm losing my sleep over this! I would really prefer them to tell us if we make it or not rather than making us wait endlessly like this (or at least thats how this week makes me feel!)
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    Thanks a lot Canucks<3

    I guess what I really want to find out is what is the minimum marks you need to be considered competitive. Maybe you are one of the ones on top of the list hehe
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    Hi everyone,
    Some what good news! I just received the letter via e-mail stating that I am top of the holding list for the august 2011 in-take. If I chose not to be on the holding list or do not get in, then I am deferred into January 2012's in-take!!! ( I have a seat for sure!)
    Does ANYONE know what the chances of "top hold-list" getting into the August intake mean? In addition, I was also invited to attend the orientation on May 12. I'm excited! I guess I will have my phone with me at all times during my trip to Mexico!!!! P.S Do they normally call you weeks before the nursing program if someone drops out of the nursing seat?
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    congrats to everyone who was accepted/on the holding list!

    still waiting and waiting for my status to change from "pending department review" to something nice :heartbeat

    super anxious because april 30 is basically in..2 days!!

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