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  1. by   Hamid
    Oh wow really hmm thanks a lot for the heads up...
    Do u think it's better to finish my degree then apply or is it ok if I only have 3.5/4 of my degree done ? Wut if by next deadline I don't have degree finished. I might have few more courses to take
  2. by   nursingprogram1
    Hmm... I would say check with ***** or ******* to make sure. But I heard its better to have a degree, then take their libs, and have ur volunteer hours when u do apply for ur application. This way it shows that ur defiantly dedicated. But then again, I would check with them to make sure
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  3. by   Canucks<3
    Hamid, I agree with Nursingprogram1. The nursing program advisors are really helpful, and they should be able to help you.

    So anyone else hear about whether they're in or not?
  4. by   stell
    Hi Hamid,

    I recommend finishing your degree first. You already committed 3.5 years and with only a semester left, you might as well finish it! Otherwise, it would be like wasting your 2nd and 3rd year of studies! Unless you absolutely hate what you are doing now and want to starting earning a living asap, it would be good to finish up and hold a BSc from UBC. It is internationally recognized, and may help you with networks/opportunities etc after you complete a nursing degree. It would also give you time to gain more relevant experience to make your next application more desirable.

    Also, you could take the opportunity to look into other nursing programs along with your application to BCIT. UBC, Calgary and other universities offer a 2 year accelerated nursing program for those who have previous degrees and meet the bio requirements. McGill has a direct-entry masters of nursing program that runs for 3 years, and you do not need to be a RN to get into that program.

    You dont need to take my advice seriously, but that is how I see it. I just finished my BSc from UBC (after 5 years!) and had debated the same thing as you did. I have been accepted to the nursing program of my choice for the fall and I have no regrets of finishing my degree first!
  5. by   green_tea
    Did anyone receive the criminal record check info via mail yet?
  6. by   nursingprogram1
    Hey green tea,
    I did not get any info regarding the criminal check yet, but I am sure they will come in a few weeks. As for the 200 committment fee, did anyone receive the letter yet? I was top-waitlisted and was accepted into the august in-take. does anyone have nursing books level 1 that they are selling?
  7. by   green_tea
    Hi there, has anyone completed their CPR-hcp requirement yet? I'm going in tomorrow for the class. I've been told that there is an exam at the end of the 8-hr lesson, but wasn't told the format. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the format. I'm extremely nervous about this test because I don't feel like I've prepared sufficiently

  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    The Heart and Stroke Foundation and St John's Ambulance both include a multiple choice exam at the end of the class. Read your learning materials and pay attention to resp-to-compression ratios, the information about automated external defibrillators and anywhere that you see a number - you'll be fine.
  9. by   kaay
    I applied for the 2011 January intake at BCIT and they are currently reviewing applications. It has been almost a month and a half since I applied. They started viewing my application on the 21st of July..Anyone know how long it will take until I find out if I get accepted? If I am shortlisted what are some of the things they would require from me? Kind of freaking out because there is a chance I will be out of town mid to end of august and I wont make it to the required info sessions and such..!
  10. by   nursingprogram1
    Hi kaay,
    That's awesome that you applied for the January intake. I can give you an insight as to how short-listing works as I have been through it, and totally understand how anxious/nervous and feeling right now! It will take maybe another few weeks (or less) if you get shortlisted. If you are shortlisted, they will ask for a letter of intent & your resume. After this, you will wait another few weeks and hear from them, if you are top-waitlisted, meaning you have a pretty high chance of getting in, you get an opportunity for an invite to orientation. If you don't attend the orientation, I'm sure they will understand. You receieve a package obtaining papers regarding scheduling, and what is expected of u as a student, etc etc etc. After orientation, they contact top-waitlisted people for those who dropped out. I got my call the very next day after orientation and got a seat! So your chances after being top-waisted is very high! I hope this helps, but like always, if you have doubts u can always contact the program instructors
  11. by   smiley65
    Hi Kaay
    I have also applied for Jan 2012. There are a few of us chatting on another page- http://allnurses.com/canadian-nurses...61-page6.html- if you would like to join in

    I applied exactly 7 weeks ago last friday, this is the beginning of week 8....trying to remain patient. My status reads "Pending Department review" which I believe it will until I am offered a seat or not. I got the email that they my application is complete and being considered on July 19
  12. by   kekcoke

    I just applied for BCIT Nursing Jan '12 intake. I barely reached 30 credits, with a failing grade in Calc & D in Philosophy. Had volunteer & some nursing experience... Nonetheless, I'm just giving it a shot.

    Does anyone here have been shortlisted OR put to it, been notified by the school of their application review??? I'm kinda anxious if the school has sent out letter this early...
  13. by   rachel94
    I've applied to the January 12' intake..... this will be the my first time applying to the BSN program at BCIT, does anyone know if my chances are slim to nothing, i have all my requirements (except the credits for Psych and Sociology) ....someone told me that I have to be short listed first to be accepted? is this true??

    has anyone heard from BCIT yet for the January intake??

    Thanks so much for your help!