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Where is the perfect life for an LPN? Alberta or Manitoba ? Job wise, security wise , weather wise and of course saving some bucks wise ? Thanks :)))... Read More

  1. by   Gerly061007
    Quote from bradons
    I am an RN that works in Manitoba. Rural to be exact. I work on a unit where there are currently more LPN's at the moment.

    We have a shortage of all nurses from LTC to Acute Care to home care. Last time I looked at the job board there was 12 open positions with most being full time. Some are terms and some are permanent. Wage scale is pretty good for LPN's here. Plus in this hospital the LPN's can do alot of the skills that RN's can do which is rare in todays age from what LPNS have told me.

    Living here is cheap.
    Making money is really easy and fast (I work full-time as an RN and have made an extra 5500 dollars since Jan 1st 2013 and most of those shifts are open for LPN or RN).
    Weather is well cold and lots of snow in the winter. Summers are awesome. Fall is amazing. Spring is wet and muddy.
    Our rotations are 6 weeks and most have a week off in them (which gives time for picking up shifts). You are almost guaranteed one call every other day for overtime (we have no casuals and no part timers--go management).

    Tons of jobs available. Its kinda sad actually how many full time jobs are open right now.
    Any idea about Morden? How is nursinng there?
  2. by   bradons
    No clue. I live 6 hours north west of there.

    They do have a very good ortho unit tho.
  3. by   JoJo6
    I am casual in Manitoba. Full time and part time have access to pick up shifts first, I guess not full time as that would be OT. We are just above overtime in getting a shift. There is a cut off 2 weeks I think and if a part time worker doesn't put their name in it goes to a casual nurse., nurses working conditions are so difficult everywhere, that is why there is a shortage. We were just talking that the only nurses that encourage their children to become nurses are those with lots of seniority, those low on the totem pole have a very different view of the life you lead as a nurse.
  4. by   RobinLeger
    Are you still in Manitoba?...has it changed in the last couple years...I am looking at travel nursing as an LPN and was curious about it...thanks
  5. by   companisbiki
    I assume anywhere would be good if you had the job but also have the quality of life you want. Everything starts from the job though. I also got a job at a small city in BC away from Vancouver and the quality of life improved drastically. Take whatever chances you can get, since the work itself is the same anywhere....