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Where is the perfect life for an LPN? Alberta or Manitoba ? Job wise, security wise , weather wise and of course saving some bucks wise ? Thanks :)))... Read More

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    Quote from janfrn
    Posts that seek information related to immigration, permanent residency, how to become registered in Canada as IEN and so on do not belong in the Nursing in Canada forum. The average Canadian nurse knows little about these issues. Please consider this when posting into existing threads. (Text speak is also not permitted.)

    The Canadian economy is currently slumping and all levels of government are looking for ways of saving money. Canadian health care is administered and paid for by government. Hiring nurses from outside of Canada costs employers a lot more money than hiring locally. Canadian nurses are, in the majority, union members. Union contracts make laying off nurses very difficult so when employers need to save money and can't cut their payroll by laying people off they instead don't fill vacant positions, instead expecting the staff to just work harder. Are you seeing where I'm going with this?

    Alberta has a huge deficit. Contract negotiations are ongoing with physicians who are being expected to take rollbacks in their remuneration from the province. The nurses' union will be going into negotiations on February 12 and are expecting a long, difficult session where the employer (the province of Alberta) will be demanding wages and benefits be rolled back. They are already attempting to force people to work more (eliminating vacancies as they go) by simply eliminating part time lines in the master rotation and other strategies through "schedule optimization". It's not much fun being a nurse anywhere in Canada right now, but especially in Alberta and Ontario.
    Sure. Thanks!

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    Quote from joanna73
    This morning I was looking over some of the contract "wish list" items. Five dollar an hour responsibility pay? Nice thought, I said. Probably not happening though. It will be interesting, the next few months. Still no nurses at our facility, either. I think they should just start closing facilities in the north zone. The North Locum Nursing is not working as AHS hoped.
    The contents of the "wish list" are confidential to UNA members until February 12. Please don't reveal anything else.

    Quote from Gerly061007
    In my other post, saskatchewan is one of my options. How about nova scotia? I really just don't know yet which province to apply for registration. (But rest assured not in ontario.)
    You studied there for what course? The crne review being offered in agencies in philippines? That is an option to0 but if I can be qualified for PR where language exam results will give me some points, then I prefer applying for PR.
    There are no provinces currently recruiting IENs. As for permanent residency you should really read the information on the CIC website about changes to immigration.
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    I wouldn't anyway....I don't remember anything else. AB has the best contract going of all the Provinces, so whatever we get, we get.
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    We keep repeating that there are few jobs available for IENs and yet you all seem to ignore our warnings.

    I'm Canadian, I live in Alberta, I have been applying to AHS for 2 years and finally had an interview. I was told I probably won't be hired because I'm not in the nursing union. I also received two rejection emails for other positions I applied for.

    Simply put, stay where you are until the job market here in Canada opens up. I'd hate to see you all waste your time and money coming here only to be disappointed.
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    He double LLs, I'm in the union, been with AHS since 2004 and still can't get interviewed for some jobs because I don't have enough seniority!
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    Unbelievable! Yet AHS whines because there's a nursing shortage. I've decided to stay casual at my job so that when I move I'm still in the system. I'll pick up very occasionally, which they are fine with.
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    It seems to be quite deceiving by posting a lot of LPN positions on AHS now I feel if its same as ontario !! why did I even think to apply alberta lisence this is what I feel now so discouraged! #new grad from ontario .
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    Positions are posted, some of which remain unfilled for months. That's an old HR tactic. The number of postings is deceiving. Also, AHS hires internally first. If you are willing to work rural, that's your way in. Rural facilities are often in need of LPNs and RNs.
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    See, there's the huge red flag. If a unit has to hire from the outside, it's hell on earth to work in. New grads have usually been hired as casuals and have taken those jobs just to get into the system and get their seniority started. The medicine and surgery float pools are always looking for staff. Care of the Aged/Transition units usually hire from outside because they are just like working nursing homes but in a hospital setting (and they often have some of the most inept managers in the system).

    AHS isn't out to make friends.
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    Medicine, surgery, ortho will usually always hire new grads. Most nurses run away from these units after a period of time, due to the heavy workload and staffing. But that's your way in. Also LTC units.
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