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Good morning everyone! Just wondering if you've noticed the activity on the AHS job board the last few days. Today, there are approximately 200 nursing positions active on the site. Two weeks prior to the budget, there were... Read More

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    A friend told me the Remand Centre is hiring. Lousy location and a different patient base.
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    AHS is saying they will hire 70 percent of new grads, but based on the reality, this number is likely more around 30 percent this year and probably next. There is no money for training new grads.

    Remember....don't believe most of what you read when it comes to politics. From 2008- onwards, ON said the same regarding their new grad initiative. In reality, less than 40 percent found jobs through HFO.
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    Twelve nurses from the Stollery outpatient clinics received layoff notices today. Bethany Group has stated that in order to function under the new funding arrangement for long-term care they will have to lay off 53 FTEs, which they expect will be mainly LPNs and CNAs... because they're already at skeleton staffing with their RNs. The thin edge of the wedge...
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    Precisely why I've told my supervisor that I'm not resigning as I had planned. More layoffs to come unfortunately. Just like the 90's.
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    Jan, I don't "like" that 12 people got laid off. But sheesh, Managers survive, casuals remain on the books and regular staff get laid off???

    I had heard that Health Records at RAH had laid of all of their casual clerks about a month ago. Don't know for sure but the grapevine is usually pretty reliable when it comes to this kind of stuff.
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    Whatever happened to all those nurses who after the transition unit at RAH closed? Surely that amounts to layoffs somewhere?

    Yet according to an article I read, Dr Eagle made around 600,000 last year in salaries. That's a sin!
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    They got slotted into the open lines that had the same FTE. Rumour has it a few retired.
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    Drink your Kool-Aid and repeat after me:

    "These layoffs had nothing to do with the budget"
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    Quote from equestriRN
    Drink your Kool-Aid and repeat after me:

    "These layoffs had nothing to do with the budget"
    There is a kernel, a very small nuget of truth in the statement. We all know that since 2011, every position has been under the microscope. I know of one unit that when four RNs retired, the positions were reviewed, scopes of practice were reviewed and four LPN lines were created. Cost wise it was more effective. This was done 18 months ago. The RNs on the unit were foul to the new hires. But guesss what they've calmed down. The patients don't know who is an R and who is an L. They just care that their needs are being met now.

    I know that my unit is under review. It's not going to be pretty, because we are RN heavy for what we do and the skill set utilized. My unit doesn't use blood, travisol, or chemo drugs (well, we used a chemo IV drug once last year). Two RNs per shift are all that are required for Charge and coverage. Everything else that we do is fully within an LPNs scope of practice. AHS could have a field day and save a huge amount of $$$$
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    Quote from equestriRN
    Drink your Kool-Aid and repeat after me:

    "These layoffs had nothing to do with the budget"
    Lol how na´ve do they think people are???

    I've always held very little respect for politicians. They all figure if the propaganda is thick enough, people will buy it. And Redford....pre-election was campaigning in support of healthcare and education. Yet, soon after entering office brings the axe down on both sectors. So typical, and reminicent of the climate of the 90's.
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