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Aesthetic nursing in canada

  1. 0 Hi all, I am looking for some information regarding aesthetic nursing in canada. i currently work as a registered nurse in Scotland and freelance doing botoc and derm fillers injections, in which i have a certificate from a consultant plastic surgeon deeming me fit to practice, i also hold valid medical insurance to do this. I am currently looking into a working visa for canada, and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how aesthetics works in canada? I know nurses are allowed to practice however i cant find any information on what training they do, and whether my qualification would be vaild if i were to go work in canada? Any information would be great
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    Not sure about independently practising. But I do often see job postings for clinics where I live in southern Ontario, so I think you would be able to find something similar to that here.

    Good luck
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    Be aware if you get a work permit you can only work for that employer so will not be able to work other jobs without getting a work permit for that. Ie if you get a work permit as a RN the work permit stipulates only work for that employer and can not work elsewhere without another LMO and work permit
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    Thanks for feedback, at the moment im trying to concentrate on just getting to Canada! The information on the Internet is confusing as all provinces are different, can I ask if either of you know does anywhere in Canada take UK nurses with a higher diploma or do you have to be degree educated?
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    A lot depends when you trained and whether the province will accept it. I trained back in the 80's with bridge to RN in the 90's and my training was accepted but classed as diploma level. Been working 2 years and although different and took some getting used to I like it and also find I get paid more than I would in the UK