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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    when you finish assisting your co-worker do a complete bed change due to a C-Diff/Golytely explosion from a total care patient, and announce "I'm gonna go eat my lunch, I'm starving".
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    Quote from poetnyouknowit
    Your own kids go to daddy when they hurt themselves because they know you won't get worked up over anything short of missing digits or copious bleeding. (Even though you still kiss their boo-boos to make them all better.)
    Amen! My kids swore I'd let them go until they needed CPR before I'd get the least bit worked up.
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    When your child is coughing after swallowing wrong and the say "mom I'm choking here, your supposed to help me" and you calmly look at them and say "you're still passing air, you're fine. keep coughing"

    Also, when your sleeping and the microwave beeps you wake out of a sound sleep to check for a bed alarm.
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    Your husband attempts to wake you up on your day off and you tell him to leave you alone, you are busy giving meds...
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    You know you're a nurse when you unconsciously palate your husband's or wife's veins when you hold his/her hand (I do this constantly and it drives him nuts!)
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    When you feel the urge to chart your own BM's or urine somewhere.
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    Quote from maelstrom143
    Your husband attempts to wake you up on your day off and you tell him to leave you alone, you are busy giving meds...
    I've actually woke disoriented and yelled at my daughter to go to the clean utility room to get me a pair of draw string pants off of the cart because I was in my nightgown.
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    Quote from poetnyouknowit
    You wash your hands before ​going to the bathroom, as well as after.
    Oh my gosh I feel so legit now- I totally do that! Who needs NCLEX, by this board I am already a nurse. Hahaha!
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    I swore - when I became a nurse I would never EVER wear scrubs outside of work. I was planning an out of town trip and almost all that I packed were scrubs!
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    When you look like Columbo--patting every pocket looking for the vitals list--while muttering "I know I have it here somewhere". (you have to be older to get this one
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    When you do foot assessments on fellow customers at the grocery store... Foot care people!

    You purchase hand soap compulsively (I think my boyfriend is going to buy me a bulk amount for my birthday...)

    You hide the salt shakers... from your family... and then teach them about negative effects of salt on BP.

    EVERYONE asks you for medical advice. And many address you as "doctor"....

    You assess your veins to determine the level of dehydration you have reached.

    And finally...

    No paycheck amount could ever compare to the amazing sense of pride you can only achieve by being a NURSE
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    You adjust the slings on total strangers' arms, while out shopping.
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    When someone, anyone, tells you that something hurts you ask them to rate their pain on a scale of 1-10!

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