You Know You're a Nurse When... - page 124

I know many of you have heard or read some like these...but here are some I haven't seen before. Some made me :rotfl: Hope you enjoy them...:rotfl: The front of you scrubs read: ' Read More

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    When invited to an event that requires attire other than scrubs, pajamas, or jeans, you have an anxiety attack.

    Seriously, I don't own any real people clothes.
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    *You throw away mustard that expired in 2006 and honey that is rock solid but don't gag because you've seen/smelled worse on a regular basis in your job.

    *While gardening, you understand how weeds keep coming back regardless of how often you get rid of them by thinking of them as "plant cancer".
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    Quote from MaleICURN
    You're a nurse if:

    You sign your Credit card receipt or a check as J Doe, RN - happened at least several times.
    Stopped myself this afternoon.
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