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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as usual for her safety. She was... Read More

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    Quote from calivianya
    One more for now - we had a hot mess post cardiac arrest on a cooling blanket come up and last about 30 minutes on our unit before he finally died again. Family had made him a DNR right before ER wheeled him up, so I'm not really 100% sure why he even came to us in the first place. Anyway, after much to do, visits from the coroner, and postmortem care, one of the nurses volunteered to help roll the guy down to the morgue, and asked the nurses sitting at the nurses' station to watch his patients. I happened to be walking by his rooms when I smelled a poopy GI bleed smell, turned, and saw his patient standing beside the bed fully naked.

    Just to make a point, I turned to the nurses at the station and said, "Guys, is he supposed to be standing naked beside the bed?" That finally got some life out of the group and we all went in to get the situation under control. There was black tarry GI bleed poop everywhere. This man had diarrhea, and then he scooted down the bed through his own feces, getting feces from his toes up his legs to his back and even managed to get it all over his fingers. All of his telemetry leads were covered. His pulse ox cord was covered. The side rails were covered, the curtains were covered, and there was poop all over the floor. Of course - it also was the most pungent GI bleed poop you could imagine, so the entire unit smelled like GI bleed for the rest of the night. I pulled a chair over, put a pillowcase in it, and had the patient sit down while we did some damage control and cleaned up the room.

    The worst part of the whole story was that the guy ripped out his sole 24g IV in his left foot in his attempt to get out of the bed. The PICC team had tried to place a PICC line the day before but had failed, so this was his only access and he was on a much needed Protonix drip. It had taken seven nurses to get in that one IV because the patient's veins were so tiny and fragile, and the nurse who had put it in the night before honestly started doing the lower lip wobble when she saw that the IV was out. I thought she was going to burst into tears at the sight of the lonely IV catheter in the floor, still hooked up to the tubing, Protonix dripping out onto the floor...
    As I read this post I thought, naked....ok, poop everywhere/GI bleed smell....yuck but ok, 24 g in foot now on floor..NOOOOO!!!!

    We have hard sticks daily in our surgery center and when you see the tegraderm hanging and the 24g catheter just blowing in the wind, ugh!
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    Just skimming and got the shock of my life-I thought the S/P cardiac arrest stood up naked beside the bed.Gave me a start.