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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

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    We had a guy the other day who was missing one of his forearms.
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    I was working night duty in a medical ward when I answered a young fellows' buzzer. He asked for something to spit in to (with a full mouth). I hurriedly returned with a sputum cup, however he didn't realise there was a lid on it and he hoiked the biggest golly onto the lid that you've ever seen. I yelled at him that there is a lid on the cup and he promply sucked up the golly, took the lid off and spat it into the cup.
    I left the room heaving.
    Oh my good God......I've gotten thru every post, and they've all been gross (and the baby one was heartbreaking)...but that actually made me heave.....:***:
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    I'm a pre-nursing student, hopefully will be starting my BSN this year!

    However, I've spent 20+ years in the Aesthetics/Massage field, and I've had quite a few experiences that, hopefully, have given me at least a little preparation for confronting stories like those in this thread!

    Some examples for your enjoyment

    1. Was doing a pedicure on an elderly client, I lifted her foot up and her heel fell off. Yup - a huge chunk of her heel dropped right off. Puss, blackened blood and ooze all over me, along with a lump of her foot...and the rotting flesh smell....needless to say, that was considered a contraindication!

    2. Similar situation, only her big toenail peeled clean off to reveal clumps of puss and putrid skin. I politely advised she see a specialist foot doctor.

    3. Obese clients often have huge areas of cottage-cheese like chunks in "tucked away places" such as rolls on the belly or back, under the breast etc. It absolutely stinks. During a massage I was working on a heavy client and doing some deep tissue work and a huge clod of the stuff blobbed out from under a fat roll; I had to complete the massage with the smell wafting up at me and the chunks of white stuff staring me in the face.

    4. I have popped more pimples, blackheads, milia, and whiteheads than I care to mention. Mostly pretty basic spots, but I have had a couple of jumbo blackheads that were so impacted they required tweezers to drag out the sebum plug, and a couple of white-heads that appeared pretty benign but exploded with such force a got splattered in the face.

    5. I've had my share of male clients who seem to think that a professional therapeutic massage = sex. Bed grinders, table humpers, groaning, and one male client who, when I walked in to the room, was lying with his hands behind his head, sheets thrown on the floor, with a huge erection proudly proclaiming, "what do you think of that then?" I replied, "It looks like a penis to me, Sir, only smaller", and walked promptly out of the room...LOL! Luckily I was working at a place that would always support its workers against such treatment from clients!
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    OK - I just had to manually drain my dog's anal glands that had become full and impacted. Yes, it can be done at home (and save yourself the vet fees in the process). I watched some YouTube clips to get an idea.

    All I can say is, if I can handle that stench I think I'll manage most things LOL!!!!