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So many TV shows and movies take place, at least in part, in a medical setting. When you're a nurse, you automatically notice the severe errors in the scenery, which ruins the show. Or maybe it's... Read More

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    I love Greys just for the entertainment of the storyline, not the medical accuracy at all

    But i just watched one where Karev was talking to one of the attendings and said heres your new patiet oh and by the way he peed himself (little boy) and I CLEANED IT ALL UP FOR YOU.

    Hahahahahahahahhahhahaha but no that would never happen. Heres the real world scenario....

    Karev: Heres your new patient and by the way he peed himself but I called in the tech to change him, even though it wasnt the tech's patient and I have perfectly capable hands.
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    I can chuckle or groan about most of the misinformation the public receives from medical shows. What I hate is when someone is seriously injured and friends or family rush them to the hospital in their car instead of calling an ambulance. That really gives bad ideas to the public. On a less important note , it annoys me when the patient is discharged and the family pushes them out in a wheel chair by themselves. No mention of discharge instructions and who is going to ensure that wheelchair gets back inside! PS. why do my paragraphs get removed when I submit my reply!
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    Just watched a show recently where a patient was in surgery...for her eye. She codes. The 5 docs in the room (yes only docs) look at each other and one says, "We are losing her! What do we do?" Then they all continue to stare at each other before the commercial break. OMG, I just about lost it! haha "What do we do!" Make sure my doc never says that if I code.

    Ugh HATE it when they shock through clothing. I also don't get the whole stabbing someone in the heart with epi to bring them back to life. And they so magically shoot up and start talking. A team of 4+ docs seeing the pt in ED and following their care though the entire hospital with minimal help from other staff. Yeah. Right. House. Although I still like to watch it.

    I was just remembering a time when I went to see a movie with a friend/fellow nurse. Good thing the movie theater was empty because we kept laughing at all their silly mistakes! Too bad I forgot which movie it was.
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    One time while flipping through the channels on tv, I came across a show called Hawthorne. In a scene Jada Pinkett Smith (as an RN) is walking out of a room where there is an emergent situation in the back ground. As she leaves the room discussing very important information with someone (dramatic setup for the rest of the show, I am sure- and of coure a nurse would walk away from a code...yeah..that's real life...sure). The doctor yells out "His potassium is low, Push potassium stat!"
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    The CPR thing gets me EVERY time...I dont think Ive ever seen a tv show or movie where they do it right.
    On a slight side note, you guys keep talking about side-rails being down and all, here in Quebec they are actually working on us using side-rails less because it is actually a form of restraint for the patient, and a dangerous one at that for the acrobats that decide to jump over in their confusion!
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    On a side note about hawthorne, shes the cno, would you like to tell me where we all can find a cno that is actually going to come to the floor and actually work, let alone helping us code someone, hah, give me a break, the day this really happens I will need to be coded, because I am gonna have a massive m.i.
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    Quote from 313rn
    i came across this book in a local bookstore last week and it made some pretty interesting points. sure it might have been a little preachy at times, but overall it gave me something to think about.

    it's called saving lives: why the media's portrayal of nursing puts us all at risk

    take a look at
    313rn, i received that same book back in 2009 as a gift from a colleague of mine, and yes it held my interest till the end. btw i love your avatar
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    back to the post on hand. needless to say, this is the reason why my non-medical friends hate to watch medical sitcoms with me, because i begin to lol even if the actor is portraying a dead pt. i can spot the errors
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    Two words: Doctors. Bedpans.

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