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So many TV shows and movies take place, at least in part, in a medical setting. When you're a nurse, you automatically notice the severe errors in the scenery, which ruins the show. Or maybe it's... Read More

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    On a side note about hawthorne, shes the cno, would you like to tell me where we all can find a cno that is actually going to come to the floor and actually work, let alone helping us code someone, hah, give me a break, the day this really happens I will need to be coded, because I am gonna have a massive m.i.
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    Quote from 313rn
    i came across this book in a local bookstore last week and it made some pretty interesting points. sure it might have been a little preachy at times, but overall it gave me something to think about.

    it's called saving lives: why the media's portrayal of nursing puts us all at risk

    take a look at
    313rn, i received that same book back in 2009 as a gift from a colleague of mine, and yes it held my interest till the end. btw i love your avatar
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    back to the post on hand. needless to say, this is the reason why my non-medical friends hate to watch medical sitcoms with me, because i begin to lol even if the actor is portraying a dead pt. i can spot the errors
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    Two words: Doctors. Bedpans.
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    My favorite was one time on Greys, I think it was Arizona, told a patient they had "psoriasis" of the liver instead of "cirrhosis."

    I cracked up..
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    I had a doctor in real life that actually came in and did all his own vital signs!! I was about 20 then and I was astonished!! That doctor is still around and has too full of a load of patients to take anymore. He was great he was a doctor for all the right reasons. What a gem.
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    Quote from nursesrock1980
    Have you noticed that NO ONE on Er ever washes their hands?????!!!!!
    I guess they omit that because it would make for boring tv. But yeah they can easily have a dialogue while that happened! I have 17 years food service experience, and then my 5+ nursing. I could teach a hand washing class in a coma. I just want to say that the TV shows are really an accurate depiction of what happens in restaurants and in health care from my experience. Just to give a very accurate picture of what goes on in regarding hand washing. Worked at Cracker Barrel while in Nursing school. Sunday morning, 17 servers ONE hand washing sink...I NEVER had to wait in line to wash my hands!!! I was soo very grossed out. Flash forward I am now a LPN and honestly they all just rely on hand sanitizer, again gross. I feel like hand sanitizer is similar to what we experience in the world of antibiotic resistant bacteria, I can not believe that those decades old sanitizing formulas are truly effective anymore. Thank you for washing your hands! You are a rare one!

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