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Never....NEVER...cut a potato in half and use it as a pessary! :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :eek: :eek: :uhoh21: :uhoh21: Anybody got anything to add?... Read More

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    Some of my resident's have taught to me to not be a jerk to the staff.
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    One of our patients has just had an ICU holiday thanks to a fall in GCS to 3 - blood alcohol level of 0.5 (ten times the legal limit) and no smell of alcohol. At the moment the jury's out on whether it was vodka or hand sanitiser, and whether it was ingested or taken via PICC

    I don't care how desperate I got, hand sanitiser? Bleah!
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    Quote from Rapheal

    Do not tell the nurse (your wife) that " I know what I am doing"' she will be calling ED with a warning that you are grilling again.
    Love that, that's awesome
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    Quote from gwenith
    Here a few more from "down under"

    Do not dring and then skinny dip in the ocean - there are currents out there

    Do not try to cure snakebite with accupuncture - it does not work

    Do not decide to mow the grass christmas day - in 40 degree Celcius heat - you WILL have a heart attack.

    Do not retire your sedentary job one day and the next take off on a round Australia trip towing a van and try to drive from Melbourne to Cairns in two days - you WILL have a heart attack - usually in one of those small country towns along the way ( you should see our stats on this one - one regional hospital it was running at 1/3 of the patients!!!!)

    Do not become a "breatharian" they are cranks and you cannot "live on light" - see

    That "breatharian" idea must be one of the most insane ever invented!

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