Thats not what she said....

  1. had a young female pt once who was c/o seizures, her seizures consisted of closing her eyes and waving her fists repeatedly in the direction of my face or clawing at her piv????!!!!! finally after one of her "seizures" she asked if she hit me and if she had, she was sorry. REALLY! after an entire morning of this the MD wrote an order for restraints. we explained to the pt that we were moving her to closer to the nursing station and if these "seizures" put herself or anyone else in danger she would have to be restrainted. WOW, can you believe there were no more????
    now to the Thats not what she said.........the md came back that afternoon to talk to the mother of the young female. i stood in the room and listened to the MD explain to the mother that she felt they were a mental health issue and not medical, that they could be a "psuedo seizure" and there will be a psych consult. about 30 mins later i walk in to hear the mother explain to a family member on the phone that the MD described her daughter as having the WORST type of seizures possible that the doctors were afraid for her life. WHAT, that is not what she said!!
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  3. by   skylark
    Kinda like all those lovely ER patients who call their friends to say they have been "rushed to ER by ambulance".
    Well, the only ones who truly get rushed there aren't able to talk . . .
  4. by   DixieRedHead
    Those "unresponsive" patients. Sometimes they don't even respond to a sternal rub. BUT, if you take your thumb and forefinger and squeeze the nasal septum, they come around real quick. Works like a charm.
  5. by   sairin8
    Apparently another way to check is to raise their arm so it's above their face and let it go. If it's post a true seizure, they'll hit themselves in the face (unfortunately). If it's not, the hand will somehow miss