Hilarious Gangnam Style OB/Gyne parody music video - page 2

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So this is so funny...this was made at a hospital in Canada and it's been all over the news because some people are too sensitive and found it incorrect. I thought it was hilarious! Link to Youtube Video:... Read More

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    There's nothing wrong with the video, it's that it was posted on the hospitals website that was unbelievably unprofessional.
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    laugh out loud with "amniotic showers" - great one!
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    That's so cute! Only hospital staff/nurses etc would find that funny. It's our twisted sense of humour! Ah, a little controversy is good for the soul.

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    RE: Candians wearing scrub dresses.....

    No---well, some do. Personal choice. Those are the old-style scrub dresses that I'm sure many of the hospitals still have kicking around. Great costume for the video though!

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    Quote from sapphire18
    I don't see the video as being offensive, but I also didn't think it was very entertaining, either.

    PS. Do nurses in Canada really wear dresses?
    No we dont really wear dresses LOL! Just regular scrubs...
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    love it

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