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Okay, my fellow nurses…….let me share my story. I only share this, mind you, so there may be a smile upon your face, the next time you are faced with a similar situation, and so you know that we are... Read More

  1. by   fatima.s
    Gosh!! your story made me laugh and imagine what was going on lol .. it made me eager to see such cases for real; since i previously heard about not seen !!
    thanks for sharing
  2. by   zorro_wrangler
    I had no idea that was possible, thanks now i know.
  3. by   UnderHisGrace
    Hahaha..that was funny! Something similar happened when I was a student..I was collecting history and examining my patient who was admitted for surgery. And on physical examination..I saw the uterus was 'out' first time!! Since we were students..I wanted my friend to see the prolapsed uterus as well...I tried explaining to my patient (language barrier) and then went to call my friend, leaving the curtains still drawn around my patients bed..Meanwhile it seems like my patient went to the bathroom and got back..when we examined again..everything was 'normal'....I mean the prolapsed uterus was "missing'' .... I was shocked...I had to closely look whether it was the same patient...She must have understood the confusion on my she explained that was 'Normal'for her... It was both scary and hilarious experience!!
  4. by   MJaneP, NP
    I understand the shock! My first year out of nursing school I had a woman come in with a prolapsed bladder - apparently she was well known to the doctor and she had continued to refuse to get it this was a common occurance - but I didn't know~ Any way - I ran over to the doctor and told her what was going on....she said "Oh jeez...welll - go ahead and push it back in" WHAT?! My new nurse head exploded
  5. by   Harman06
    I am looking for exact answer to my question.I have just graduated and working in a nursing home. We were never taught about rectal prolapse and what to do when it occurs. But where I work there is one resident who has history of rectal prolapse?? Can someone tell me what to do if it occurs. It hasn't occured on my shift but i know one day it will..Any help with this will be greatly appreciated
  6. by   NicoleH.LPN
    LOL I think we all freak the first time we see this when we have never seen or heard of it before! My first time the lady's pessary fell out into the toilet talk about freak out i didn't know what that was then the uterus fell out to! or the lady who only has 1 hole why i don't know wish i had the history on that one! That was probably the freakiest! Then we figured that's got to be the reason for the chronic UTI's!
  7. by   Shannon2009
    Awww that was cute, and now I know that helpful information. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us
  8. by   sandyfeet
    Because of this thread I looked at Google Images of "prolapsed uterus" and "prolapsed rectum". Thanks for sharing your funny story! I would have done the same thing, but also ran down the hall screaming!
  9. by   drivinlpn
    i have seen this but would think that it just "hanging out" would not be very comfortable or safe as for as infection. however, at her age surgery would be very difficult if not deadly. God i hope i never have a prolapsed anything!
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Good story. It gave me a good chuckle.

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