Funniest thing you've ever seen happen to a doctor - page 7

by Guttercat

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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    When I was a student in my L&D rotation, another student and I were in a patient's room watching the anesthesiologist start an epidural. This guy was always extremely cranky, walked around with a scowl, didn't acknowledge anyone, and was just plain scary - especially to nursing students. Before he began the procedure, he barked at my friend to get him a size 6 gloves (or some number like that - I can't remember). She went to the drawer and got him gloves. He put one of the gloves on and the other one on halfway and then yelled, "This is NOT the size I asked for! You can't even get the right size of gloves?!" He proceeded to throw one of the gloves towards my friend (who was devastated and looked like she was going to cry). He attempted to throw the other glove at her too, but it was stuck on his hand and he just keep FLAILING his arm and hand trying to dramatically fling the glove. The drama he went for turned into hilarity and we all had to bite our tongues to keep from laughing.
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    oh wow!!! speaking of bringing your "stuff" to work... how embarrasing...