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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    When I was a student in my L&D rotation, another student and I were in a patient's room watching the anesthesiologist start an epidural. This guy was always extremely cranky, walked around with a scowl, didn't acknowledge anyone, and was just plain scary - especially to nursing students. Before he began the procedure, he barked at my friend to get him a size 6 gloves (or some number like that - I can't remember). She went to the drawer and got him gloves. He put one of the gloves on and the other one on halfway and then yelled, "This is NOT the size I asked for! You can't even get the right size of gloves?!" He proceeded to throw one of the gloves towards my friend (who was devastated and looked like she was going to cry). He attempted to throw the other glove at her too, but it was stuck on his hand and he just keep FLAILING his arm and hand trying to dramatically fling the glove. The drama he went for turned into hilarity and we all had to bite our tongues to keep from laughing.

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    oh wow!!! speaking of bringing your "stuff" to work... how embarrasing...
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    The doctor dripping in urine turns to me and says very slowly

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    Quote from MommaNurse26
    Well as life would have it the new green CNA was walking out the door with a topped of cylinder of fresh warm steaming urine to ask another nurse where the 24 hour collect bag was... LOL, I am giggling already...

    "My karma for the day has got me. I hate to see what will happen next when my karma from that proctologist I yelled at yesterday comes back to me!"

    The doctor stood rod straight and turned to her and said "Its my new cologne O'de Toilet!" And storms off.
    Oh man! You just can't make this kind of stuff up!! LOL I read it twice and still giggling...
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    OK so I had a med student as a patient and the little snot was too handy wth his hands, abusive to staff and nasty to fellow patients.
    After one session of him shouting at his room mate that he was a dirty old man for ******* his bed we decided to take the matter into our own hands and (with his surgeons agreement and assistance) ensured he was highly sedated that night and you guessed it...wet bed!
    I know that was nasty of us but this guy was vicious and with a helpful word or to from a couple of our interns to his training school (University) he didnt graduate. I'd never met someone more unsuitable to the profession.
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    As a MDS Nurse with an upscale LTC, we had several clients of "old money" who had kept their Dr way past the time he should have joined them in our care. One such client was experiencing increasing trouble swallowing and so our Dr agreed to a MBS, results came back verifying a problem and the SLT wrote an order for "Honey thickened liquids". Order was noted and sent off to Dr for his signature..two days later, I get the telephone order back with a nastygram attached. "I'm sick and tired of idiot nurses!! She can't have honey, she's a diabetic!!" The red marker made it especially attractive. I entered the order for "No Honey". He retired shortly after.
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