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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with... Read More

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    As a MDS Nurse with an upscale LTC, we had several clients of "old money" who had kept their Dr way past the time he should have joined them in our care. One such client was experiencing increasing trouble swallowing and so our Dr agreed to a MBS, results came back verifying a problem and the SLT wrote an order for "Honey thickened liquids". Order was noted and sent off to Dr for his signature..two days later, I get the telephone order back with a nastygram attached. "I'm sick and tired of idiot nurses!! She can't have honey, she's a diabetic!!" The red marker made it especially attractive. I entered the order for "No Honey". He retired shortly after.
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