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How about a list of wierd excuses for not coming to work? My favorite: I can't come in today, I'm having vision problems. I just don't see myself working. Kevin... Read More

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    Quote from siouxsieyq
    I used to tell my boss that I was gonna call in with FBS... Fallen Breast Syndrome. Figured everyone else got away with lame excuses, I should give it a try too.
    A bit off topic, but that reminds of a joke i recently heard:

    Two breasts are talking to each other, "If we don't get some support soon, people are going to think we're nuts!"

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    Night nurse calling in around 5pm: I'm too tired to work!
    Night nurse calling in: I have to be in court in the morning.(Scary ain't it?)
    Son calling in to work: Acne bothering him. Made him go to the doctor, he did have an infected lymph node. Acne?
    Nurse calling in(new nurse): I'm too scared to work, I'm having anxiety attacks. ( I believe this was true, but she no longer works there as this was happening before every shift.)
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    I was working nights and called in due to flat tire. they sent someone to change tire so I could work. I thought this was nice of my hospital.
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    Just this AM, one of the new interns in our ER called in tired. She said that her husband snored all night, and that she just didn't feel like she was well rested enough to give 100%...so she wasn't coming in. This was 30 minutes before her shift started.

    Yeah, I imagine it's mostly anxiety. I know, I'm the other intern. I'm also more experienced than her, but I remember starting out how scarey things were. Tough...put on your big girl panties and deal. Don't leave your coworkers in a bind. (Actually, the joke's on her...they're well staffed today and have two senior nursing students...would have been a cush shift...)
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    How about this one. I can't come to work cause I'm too tired from working yesterday.
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    I had an Rn call in 20 mins before her shift and said she had to call in b/c she ran over a rock on the way to work.
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    Quote from BearyPrivate
    I had an Rn call in 20 mins before her shift and said she had to call in b/c she ran over a rock on the way to work.
    What was it - a boulder in the Grand Canyon?
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    Quote from broncopooh
    We had a nurse call in sick with the flu (she's also a friend). We called her that afternoon to see how she was feeling and she told us better. I asked if she thought she would work the next day and she told me she had to ask her husband. She seriously would let her husband decide if she should call in sick or not.
    We also had a nurse manager who went out of town. The day she was due back she called and said her daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia. She called everyday and within 5 days she told us her daughter passed away. (her daughter was 20 years old) We did a little detective work and found her daughters phone number. We called her number and the daughter answered the phone. We asked if she'd been sick. She told us she was feeling fine, had a sinus infection a few days ago. Come to find out the manager had met a man online and was with him. She was fired and we never heard from her again.
    Believe me, you're better off.
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    Quote from pepperann35
    What about nurses that come to work and want to go home sick almost every night! We have a nurse that will drink something hot and make her temp go up or eat a huge meal with a reg. pepsie (she is diabetic) and make her blood sugar go up to 400 so she gets nauseous and throws up so she can home. Or she c/o aches and pains to where she covers up with a blanket and passes her meds in a w/c so I (the supervisor) will feel sorry for her and offer to take over for her so she can home?
    I think you need to work with HR and find a way to get rid of her. If you like her and want to try to help her, sit down and level with her first, to give her a chance to shape up. If it doesn't work, get her gone.
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    I don't have a garage so I park my car on the street.

    One day I was going to work and I noticed that some dingbat had crashed into the back of the car. It was no longer legally drivable.

    I phoned up work and said I would be late in as some one had ploughed into the back of my car and I was getting a taxi to work ($40 each way )

    On getting to work all the staff were conserned about me and asked if I needed to go to the docs...

    Then it dawned on me... I had forgotten to tell them that I hadn't been in the car when it had been hit.
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