Confess! Whats the craziest force of habit you've done in the "Real World" - page 9

I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

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    The veins. I'm always looking at people's veins. I have one friend that gets so weirded out by it.

    I also have a tendency to take note of what prescription medications my friends and family are on and speculate the reason why they are taking it
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    well hows this? I just finished training for an assisted Living job, and it was driving me crazy not putting the beds down and elevating the head and feet (since these beds don't do that!) after changing them and leaving the room- it just doesn't feel right
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    I started my clinicals today and i was wiped when I got home. So I took a nap... I woke up the the sound of call bells ringing. I jumped up and started looking for the murses station. And I got laughed at my family was all together. my aunt who is a nurse damn near died when she saw it and I got a big welcome to nursing.
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    Knocked on my horses stall door before entering and then found myself explaining the procedure to the horse!
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    My EMT/studying to be paramedic brother and I were examining my mother's vein's at the dinner table the other night, determining which one we'd most like to stick.
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    Question on anyone who admires veins:

    Why would anyone admire veins? Is it just because of the IV thing or are there any other reasons, besides this? OR ---

    Is everyone admiring them, just being cynical?

    What's there to admire in veins? I have them, I don't like them... If I can magically get rid of them, I will seek the magic... lol.
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    Quote from tencat
    I, too, admire veins....

    Every time I see a smoker I think: Job security. (I work hospice)

    When I see an old, decrepit person in Wal-Mart I have the urge to hand him/her a hospice of our marketers DID go to K-Mart once and do just that made many folks call to complain, however....

    I can add to this: DRIVING down the street seeing someone with a walker/scooter, gave them a Hospice Brochure..actually got a call! If I was not there to see it with my own eyes, I would not have believe it!

    Yes, i do say "Keep smoking those's job security for me"

    Where have I fallen asleep? ON THE TOILET! come on..we've all done it! (yes, it was at the hospital, the CN came looking for me, apparently I went AWOL for an hour! legs were completely numb!)

    RN's are not the only ones to get tired..CNA's do to!
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    Quote from CNA2day
    Knocked on my horses stall door before entering and then found myself explaining the procedure to the horse!

    Did the horse give consent for the procedure?....just askin!
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    I am not a nurse yet but a CNA and once when I was at the DR's office I saw a red light going off in someone's room and felt the urge to run!
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    I assess people while they are sleeping
    My husband used to have sleep apnea and I would "chin" (jaw-thrust) him to unobstruct his airway
    I check his radial pulse when we hold hands
    I have the most extensive first aid kit in my home of anyone I know
    I also have written RN after my name at the wrong times
    I also have wondered how many gammas or versa-fix on snowy days
    I write military time on everything
    I have written love notes to my husband and instructions to just about anyone using abbreivations of various words such as with - c, without -s , after -p (even in recipes I copy for other people).
    My dogs heartworm meds are expensive so I went out - bought the active ingredient - and now dose them by mcg/pound. I will assess my husbands pain (location, description, scale of 1-10, duration, factors that make it better or worse) and give the "painkiller" I think best suits it
    I learned in nursing school and will always do the "pillow condom"
    I correct medical shows - all of them - on everything - my husband is now used to it and can tell if the show is doing correct CPR and he knows not to shock asystole.
    When a kid starts to cough because of food/drink at a gathering I say - "He's still moving air - he's fine - keep coughing."
    I bandage and treat all of my husbands minor mishaps - down to reassessing the injury every 5 minutes, then 15, then hourly, then every 4 hours.
    I measure by mLs not teaspoons or tablespoons or even cups.
    I will take my scope to my husband if he ever catches anything
    I'll have to see if I can thing of anything else...

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