Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder - page 3

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like youíve been busy all day....... yet at the end of the day you look around and canít see that youíve really accomplished anything?? You wonder what in the world happened... Read More

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    You know, I had something else to contribute to this thread, but........well.......I've forgotten what it was.
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    huh? did I write something?
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    I love you guys.
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    We love you too!!

    Is that little car in your avatar your car???? It is tiny but very cute!!
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    You know........I think I might lose a car like that. My car is taller so if I forget exactly where I parked my car, I just use my key fob to activate the lights. I think smaller/shorter cars like that one need a flag that rises up in the air when activated.

    Isn't that one of those "smart cars"??????? Just like the "smart phones". Only as smart as the operators. My smart phone was pretty dumb so I traded it in for an iPhone. Much smarter.
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    I think I remember seeing a car just like that in the parking lot at the grocery store this weekend. Same color even. The license plate said "Elphaba" (for all fans of "Wicked," you'll get the humor in that). Maybe I just made it up or have forgotten? I can't quite tell for sure. (typing with one hand while writing a letter with the other).....

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    I kept heading for this thread to post something else, but I got distracted by other threads and posts.

    Now that I am here, I forgot what I was going to post.

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    Yep, that's my smart fortwo. It's not 'smart' like a smart phone; it's smart in terms of fuel efficiency, interchangeable parts, and economical use of space.
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    LOL I blame it on being over 50!

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