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I applied job in ND, but it costs a lot of money for a ticket. I was wondering what is point to apply out state if every interview costs you hundreds. Would you do it? Or you will stick with any job near you?... Read More

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    Ask for a phone interview. Thats what I did when the drive was 8 hours from my old to new job.
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    I would do it in a heart beat for that ICU trauma 1 hospital dream job!! Especially in todays market. When it comes to getting any job now a days you have to be willing to put a lot of yourself out there including time, money, and hope!! For a new grad, what other choice do you have? If you can't get ANY job where you live now or if you want desperately to get that dream job then it is more than worth it!!
    Save your pennies!!!
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    Never. No way. Have they ever heard of phone interviews?? That's how I landed my position. I relocated 2000 miles away. Alternatively, a friend of mine flew out for her interview, for which she was hired. The employer paid her expenses.
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    Never! I would review other transportation options first. Where are you located? Have you looked into driving, taking a train, or bus, if available? Ask them if they do phone interviews.

    I desperately want a job, too, but I cannot afford $1000 dollars unless I was 100% certain I would get that job.

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