Will the job outlook improve?

  1. Obviously nothing can be promised for sure, but does anyone have any thoughts on if/when the nursing job market may pick up (particularly for new grads)?

    I am set to graduate with my BSN in 2015 and will be looking for work in the NYC area. Do you guys think that by then, with a little elbow grease and networking, I should be able to find a job? All of this talk of new grads having to relocate after searching for >6 months is pretty discouraging :/
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    I wouldn't count on it because new unneeded nursing programs start up all the time. Not to discourage you, but I truly think it will be much like it is now.
  4. by   owlRN01
    Get a head start by finding work in a hospital as a patient care tech. Network like crazy!!!! Be willing to do anything you have to. If I would have stayed in the same state i graduated I would have started work as a tech. Instead I moved a thousand miles away and now I'm volunteering to meet nurses and get into the hospital instead of getting paid for it. I love volunteering, but I would love even more having a job doing what I spent so much time and money preparing to do Good luck!
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    Look to see if hospitals in your area offer jobs specifically for nursing students. I work in a University hospital in a position they created just for us. I tell patients I'm a CNA with advanced skills (I do have my CNA license but it's not required). I do all what the CNAs do PLUS put in and take out IVs and foley catheters. I can do sterile and nonsterile dressing changes and blood draws.

    To be eligible you had to have all your med-surg class (1&2) done and have to work 1-12hr shift per week until you get your RN license. You can work more if you want and I worked FT during summer when school was out. This position puts me in a good position (I hope!) when it comes time to apply to their new nurse residency program when I graduate, which is HIGHLY competitive.

    Good luck! It's wise to start thinking about what you're going to do now. Perhaps you could get your CNA license and work as one during school - about 1/3 of my class does that. And, btw... my hospital hires new CNAs, so being a CNA doesn't necessarily mean LTC.