What states need nurses the most?

  1. A general question. I want to see what my options are for when I graduate school.

    Thank You
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  3. by   HouTx
    Take a look at states that are experiencing population growth. These increases normally drive expansion in all service sectors. Large urban areas have a generous supply of new grads already, so you should focus on smaller metro & rural areas. Please try to familiarize yourself with the geography, climate, culture, etc. before making a decision - especially if you will be solo in your new location - the overall stress can be huge if you are having to deal with so many unfamiliar things at once. Make sure you take into account that the 'basic necessities' may differ. For instance, these areas have no public transport, so you will need a car.

    Please make sure you have a job lined up prior to moving!!! It is extremely rare for an employer to fund relocation for new grads right now so you will need to be able to support yourself for at least a month or so until you get your first check.

    Stay positive! I hope things will ease up by the time you graduate.
  4. by   themoderngiant
    Thank you for the information. What is considered a rural area. I currently live in a suburb of Los Angeles, will it be much different from where I am now?
  5. by   pequenopatoRN
    I'm from LA county, and any LA suburb is not considered rural. Ventura, LA and Orange counties are not rural. If you want rural think more like most of riverside county, most of san bernardino county, and kern county. Even then those aren't that rural but they are rural enough for california.
  6. by   JROregon
    I grew up in a suburb in the SF Bay Area and now live in a semi-rural area. Rural means you may have a 30 minute to hour drive before you get to the nearest Walmart. Rural means your nearest neighbor may be a mile away. Think of Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota. Think of places where there are major natural resources but no major retail to speak of.
  7. by   themoderngiant
    I pretty much live 2 minutes from San Bernardino County, and 10 minutes from Riverside County. I'll look into Kern County and actual rural places.
  8. by   Morningdew2112
    Another rural hospital is Hemet, and they are still using paper charting. They only accept paper application, but their new grad program is getting pretty competitive now