Verbal job offers vs written offer

  1. So last Monday I accepted a verbal offer before I left town. The recruiter called the manager right away and informed her I accepted the job. The recruiter said I would receive paperwork on Wednesday. I reconfirmed what she said about the paper work. I called Thursday no answer and Friday and she was out of the office. On Friday I called the manager and she informed me I had the job. She also told me I would be contacted by the educator to set up a schedule on Monday. She also said she would send the recruiter an email about sending my offer sheet. Well I called a dozen times today and left a message and no response. The job is pretty much a general peds floor in a children's hospital.

    Last Friday I received a job offer from another job. However I told them please give me the weekend. The job is more money and a trauma icu job. I feel slightly over my head in doing adult trauma right now, So I plan to turn it down. However I don't want to turn the ICU job down and never hear a darn thing from peds again. Then back to step one.

    Any body ever get burned on a verbal offer? What should I do I am running out of time stalling with the ICU job.
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  3. by   almostnewgrad12
    I wish I could give you some good advice but I'm in a similar situation. Received a verbal offer and a month later I still don't have the official offer letter. I've just received an offer from another hospital with higher pay, but it's not my 1st choice unit. Have you considered contacting the manager to let her know you are concerned about whether not you still have the job since you haven't received anything official? Let her know you really want the job, but you have an official offer letter in hand from another hospital, have to respond by X date, and will only deny it if you have an official letter from them. That's the advice I've been given for my situation. Good luck!
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    Thanks. I called the manager Friday and mentioned to her I just wanted to know before I turn down my other jobs. She reassured me however I still have received no call from HR or email after many calls and messages. I can't get a soul to answer the phone in HR. They email even slower.

    Who gave you the verbal offer? HR gave me the verbal offer.
  5. by   Wolf at the Door
    ICU at the other hospital called today and I accepted and received an official offer. Its a done deal.
  6. by   joanna73
    Verbal offers mean nothing. It's always your word against theirs. ALWAYS get the offer including your rate of pay in writing.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    The only time I'd put any weight on a verbal offer is if it came from someone who was in HR...otherwise anyone can promise you anything, and it wouldn't matter because it's not official and you'd have no proof.

    Congratulations on your job!
  8. by   Wolf at the Door
    Thanks. So HR of peds finally got back to me and sent me the letter which was dated from last week and never sent. Had she sent it I would of received it before the ICU called me and I would of turned them down. What a freaking mess.
  9. by   neelymr
    Well I got burned on a verbal offer recently. I was so excited after having had 2 interviews at the hospital of my dreams and both interviews went well. HR called me the next morning and gave me a verbal offer for the job which I gladly accepted. Then literally within 1 hour, HR called right back and said, "I am so sorry about this but the position has been placed on hold as we are reevaluating our budget for this fiscal year".

    Talk about a buzz kill. :'(
  10. by   Wolf at the Door
    I realized that I am going to burn bridges and that is the way it is.