Unemployed New Grad Support Group - page 2

Hey, I was thinking and I want to bounce an idea off of you all. I think it would be cool for the people who cannot find jobs to meet up like once a week in your town and talk with one another and... Read More

  1. by   tjwillmakeit
    I would love that
  2. by   texasrn4ever
    Does anyone know when Texas Health Resources takes their applications for the nursinginternships? The website says winter and summer but doesn't state when the application period is? Thank you!
  3. by   RNitis
    Same in CT. I even have RN friends attempting to get me into their facilities and all the hiring supervisors say "she's too new". How in the (bad word inserted here) am I supposed to get a job if everyone wants experienced RN's?!?! I can't get experience if I can't get a job. Contemplating going back for Bachelors, but feeling it may be a waste of money and time. Besides, my boyfriends getting a bit perturbed being the only one working, supporting his 2 children and me (kinda feeling like the 3rd kid over here)! I'm beginning to feel RN school was a waste of time. It's extremely frustrating!!
  4. by   alodocios
    I am in CT also. It's the darn magnet messs. I just interviewed for a new grad residency. Waiting to see. My rn friends are saying same thing. My hubby is supporting me an our kids also. I feel your pain. I am in notre dame's BSn program. I think it is helping at least get me looked at. Yale's rn recruiter called me because I know vp of hr. she told me it is very competitive in other words higher degrees and more experience. With my connects I still haven't gotten in. But I am staying positive,there is a position waiting for me.