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Hey, I was thinking and I want to bounce an idea off of you all. I think it would be cool for the people who cannot find jobs to meet up like once a week in your town and talk with one another and... Read More

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    Count me in

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    it's a great idea, even if new grad nurses just gathered and did job searches and filled out apps together, it'd be helpful. I would love to!
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    Great Idea
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    I would love that
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    Does anyone know when Texas Health Resources takes their applications for the nursinginternships? The website says winter and summer but doesn't state when the application period is? Thank you!
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    Same in CT. I even have RN friends attempting to get me into their facilities and all the hiring supervisors say "she's too new". How in the (bad word inserted here) am I supposed to get a job if everyone wants experienced RN's?!?! I can't get experience if I can't get a job. Contemplating going back for Bachelors, but feeling it may be a waste of money and time. Besides, my boyfriends getting a bit perturbed being the only one working, supporting his 2 children and me (kinda feeling like the 3rd kid over here)! I'm beginning to feel RN school was a waste of time. It's extremely frustrating!!
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    I am in CT also. It's the darn magnet messs. I just interviewed for a new grad residency. Waiting to see. My rn friends are saying same thing. My hubby is supporting me an our kids also. I feel your pain. I am in notre dame's BSn program. I think it is helping at least get me looked at. Yale's rn recruiter called me because I know vp of hr. she told me it is very competitive in other words higher degrees and more experience. With my connects I still haven't gotten in. But I am staying positive,there is a position waiting for me.
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