Two Job offers....

  1. I'm a LPN, new grad RN ( no RN lic. yet) and I have two job offers. Both are part-time.

    I don't know which job to choose!!
    Job number one is a part-time 7-3 position in LTC
    Job number two is also part-time in substance abuse from 1pm-6pm

    Pros of job one- more flexible, once I get my RN pay will be 30/hr
    Cons- Increased work load

    Pros of job 2- Love the schedule. Mon-fri no weekends , I truly like this specialty
    Cons- None at this time

    *** I'm in a tough situation because I do want to get RN experience one day. The job market is not the greatest so I feel as though I need to take what I can get to make some money. Job number two is worried about me leaving once I get my RN. I stated that I plan to stay but can't help but wonder what would I really do. Sigh-
    I really want job number 2, I guess now I need to call job number one ASAP to see if I can work out another schedule so possible I can do both. I really want stability at this point. I'm tired of job hoping. I have worked a total of 8 places in the past year. I just want to stay put for a while. Will keep you all posted...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   srobb11
    I'm confused, are they both LPN positions? Do both positions become an RN position once you get your license? If so, then I would lean towards Job 2 since you are interested in the specialty area, no weekends, etc. Is there a significant pay difference between them and do either of them come with benefits?
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Both are LPN jobs, I can stay as a RN once licensed. The job market is pretty bad right now for new grad RNs so I need to get a job quick! I can't wait around for a RN job to pop up. Unfortunately, if a RN position does come up I will take it, which means burning another bridge. How else will I ever get hospital experience if I keep working LPN jobs?
  5. by   srobb11
    Yeh, sounds like a rough situation to be in. But, you have to do what is best for you and if you need money now then take the job you can get. I hate to sound cynical, but employers look out for their interests and wouldn't think twice about getting rid of someone if it was in their best interest, so you need to look out for your best interest as well.

    Maybe Job 1 would be flexible enough that if a hospital RN position were to come up, you could do both?

    I wish you luck in whatever you choose.