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    Hi. I'm a (relatively) new grad RN looking for different types of jobs. I'm not interested in hospital, ltc, etc. nursing. My focus is mostly on health promotion, prevention, and wellness. This past fall I worked for Mollen as an immunizations nurse. I now have a job with HealthFitness as a health screener. Due to the lack of non-traditional jobs in my area, I'm looking for remote, nationwide, and/or flexible jobs. Not travel nursing, just jobs that can be done almost anywhere. Or companies that hire from all locations.

    The companies I'm aware of are Mollen, HealthFitness, Health Solutions, and Summit. Any others that hire RNs or "related fields"? On-call/prn is fine with me for now. Other key words for internet searching? I've used "remote", "flexible", "nationwide", "nationwide opportunities", and "all locations".


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    Nothing? I know there must be other companies out there. Any advice in this area would be much appreciated.
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    Just wanted to add, in case anyone else ever wants to know, I found another such business: Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Not really an RN position, but RNs would certainly qualify for their Biometric Screening Technician positions. With a bit of supervisory experience, you could be a Lead Biometric Screening Technician.
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    OK - I'll give it a shot.

    Non-acute & "health-oriented" services are not well-reimbursed in today's world in the US because they are viewed as a luxury or at the very least, low-priority. We are still very acute care oriented so no one is willing to pay for health promotion and wellness. Nurses are expensive. Non-traditional businesses really can't afford them & have no reason to hire them when they can use MA or lower-skilled technicians. Let's face it, it just wouldn't make good business sense to do so. If you do get a job in one of these areas, you could expect to earn a much lower salary. It would not do anything for your clinical resume either. If you ever wanted to get back into a traditional environment, you would be considered "inexperienced".
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    Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I have zero desire to ever work in a hospital. It goes against my personal philosophy of addressing the problem before there is a problem. Salary is not an issue. I know that community health, wellness and health promotion pays very little. This is not a major concern of mine. I just need string along enough experience on my resume to apply for more jobs. I'd like to go back to school to get a masters in Public Health, Wellness Management, or something similar; I'm still exploring those options as this wouldn't be anytime soon.

    I also found several other companies but many of those do not "hire" exactly--the nurse would be considered an "independent contractor". There is stuff out there, it's just a little hard to find.
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    Hello, did you get a position? I'm looking for remote positions too...
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    I'm actually working FT now in a clinic. But I have a list of other flexible employers. Keep in mind you may not be hired as an RN exactly. You may be a "health screener" or something of that nature. It's still within healthcare though and although the pay isn't fantastic, it's at least something if you are struggling. Some of these may be out of date; I discovered them in early 2012.

    One's that I got on board with (only actually worked for Health Fitness):
    Health Fitness
    $0.555 mileage
    reimbursement for food ($15/$15/$20), parking, etc
    Healthy Achievers
    $15 an hour after 1st hour required to travel
    $0.41 mileage after 60 miles round trip
    Bonus pay
    Total Wellness
    pay $22/hr starting; 3 successful events, $25/hr
    $25/hr beyond 1st hr RT OR mileage at federal rate beyond 1st 40 mi RT
    reimbursement for travel expenses for overnight work

    Other ones I found last year:
    Kronos Optimal Health
    Health Solutions
    Q-Mark, Inc
    Midland Health
    Hooper Holmes
    HealthFair USA
    US Wellness
    Worksite Health
    CRL Lab
    Superior Mobile Medics
    Go Parameds
    ExamOne (Quest Diagnostics)
    APPS American Para Professional Services
    Kelly Services
    CIA Health Screenings

    There were others, however I forgot to write them down. I mostly googled (and networked) for jobs like "paramedical exams", "wellness screening", "health screening", "corporate wellness", etc.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Adio, I appreciate your positive attitude! Sometimes I hate getting on here b/c ppl are ao negative and seem to want to drag others down. Best of luck 2 u!
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    Thanks! I try to stay positive. Some people on this site are great. Others not so much. Just like anywhere else online (or in the real world for that matter)! haha
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    I have a question for adio. I was wondering why you work at a clinic now instead of for these other companies as a health screener? I have worked at a hospital for 2 1/2 years and don't like it. I've been looking into doing these health screenings. It seems flexible and fun to me. I don't care if I lose my skills and I don't need to make as much money as I do at the hospital. Was there just not enough work for you? I was just wondering if you don't mind answering. Also, do you like working at the clinic? How did you go about getting that kind of job. Thanks.

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