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They look at your overall gpa for college right? Not just upper division courses?... Read More

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    Quote from SoldierNurse22
    Understandable, but oncology is difficult to break into without prior experience. That's all I'm saying. And the acuity you tend to see on Onc wards (at least on my onc ward) can be very high for not being an ICU/stepdown unit. You're not giving up your dream if your dream isn't the first thing you do.
    True. Many nurses start off in one specialty and then work their way over to their dream specialty. And in this job market, you may need take what you can get--otherwise you can easily find yourself waiting...and waiting...and waiting...
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    I would put your cumulative GPA on your rsum. MD Anderson takes about 70 new grads for their residency program 2 times a year. So there's a really good chance of getting offered a position there. I would highly recommend doing clinicals there though. They prefer to hire those that have done clinicals there.
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    Nobody has ever asked for my GPA, including my first job, which was in oncology. I wouldn't volunteer the information unless it was exceptional.

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