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I attended a new graduate interview day and interviewed with the nurse manager for a hospital 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, the manager called and asked if I would come to the unit for a peer interview... Read More

  1. by   dashingdiva
    Congratulations~! I got 2 peer interviews from different facilities and luckily (ableit somehow stressfully) got 2 offers. No matter who or how many you are going to be talking to, just put in mind that this is your time to impress and sell yourself as much as you can. And always be honest- look them in the eye and answer the questions as confidently and honestly as you can.
  2. by   mamabear85
    I'm a newly licensed nurse who has a peer interview tonight and I was unsure of the process. Reading this post and the comments have helped clarify my expectations. I am making up a list of questions to bring along, I saw on another post that having questions for them is important. Thanks for posting and congratulations!!