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  1. 0 I have been working at a nursing home/rehab center for almost 2 months now. My first nursing job after graduating and passing the nclex rn.
    For those of you who work or have worked at nursing home/rehab places, how soon did you start looking for a hospital job?
    I'm waiting for the 1 year mark to start looking after getting experience as a new grad RN.

    Also, when looking and applying for a hospital job, did they hire you after telling them you worked at a nursing home/rehab as you're only job?
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    I'm starting to think it's almost impossible for anyone with LTC/rehab experience to get an acute care job. I am a new grad and I applied for a critical care residency program because my interest is in critical care. I have been a CNA on inpatient rehab at my hospital for almost a year now. They turned me down from the critical care program because, in their words, I did not have enough experience. It's a new grad residency position, so they could only be talking about my CNA experience. Even rehab experience as a CNA is enough to keep you out of the rest of the hospital, apparently. I hope you have better luck than I've been having!

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