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  1. I have graduated from nursing school way back in May '13 with a Bachelors Degree and it took me 3 tries to pass my NCLEX exam. In the meantime I have moved to Colorado and I am having a really difficult time finding a new graduate position. I feel like I have applied to at least 3 jobs a day for a month now and still have not even had one interview. What do I do? I have looked into hospice, home health care, rehabilitation centers, long term acute care, hospitals (although they are all requiring new grads go through a residency program which are extremely hard to get into and extremely competitive), health and wellness clinics and even the public health departments. What can I do for work in the meantime as I am looking for a nursing position? I have also heard that nursing homes are NOT good experience to put on your resume, as it only shows employers that you are settling for less. I am struggling financially and cannot afford to sit around and wait for a job to come my way. If I want to go into pediatrics, I was considering a nanny job or a daycare job as I am looking for a nursing job but I was told not to do that either. I was considering a receptionist position at a clinic however this does not give me any medical experience. Suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!!
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  3. by   GeneralJinjur
    Any chance you can go to one of our rural hospitals? The outlook in the Denver metro area is exceptionally tough for new grads. Channel 7 news did an article within the past year about how there were only something like 10 new grad positions open in the state and we have around 700 new grads in the Denver area. There are hospitals in Grand Junction, Lamar, and Pueblo that have more flexibility than the Denver hospitals. If you are able to move, I would definitely apply in those types of places.

    I disagree with the thinking that nursing home experience does not count. Many new grads started at my free-standing psych hospital, but continued applying everywhere and left for the first "real hospital" job offer they received. In most cases, the fact that they were working as a nurse helped them get the interview. Please visit the Colorado forum to get more ideas of places to apply. I wish you the best of luck and perseverance!
  4. by   sourapril
    Tri county health department has tons of openings and they are open to new grads.
  5. by   SE_BSN_RN
    If you need a job, start in LTC. Don't count it out because of what you hear. Some experience is better than none.